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Nationwide Survey Reveals Dogs are More than ‘Man’s Best Friend’

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Dogs are considered a part of the family now more than ever, signaling
not just a trend, but an ingrained lifestyle here to stay, according to
the findings of a nationwide survey of dog owners announced today. The
research, sponsored by SpotOn
Virtual Smart Fence
, the first and only dog containment and tracking
system that lets users take their dog and virtual smart fence wherever
they go, also shows there are increasing opportunities for businesses
and communities to meet the needs of the growing population of dog

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Nationwide survey, sponsored by SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, finds that dogs are considered a part of ...

Nationwide survey, sponsored by SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, finds that dogs are considered a part of the family now more than ever (Graphic: Business Wire)

Almost all dog owners consider dogs family members
SpotOn survey found that 98 percent of dog owners consider their
dogs to be members of the family. What does it mean to be a member of
the family? For starters, 50 percent of dog owners say their dog
sleeps in a family member’s bed and an additional 32 percent have
their dogs sleep in a family member’s bedroom. Dog owners in the
Northeast are most likely to have their dogs sleep in a family member’s
bed, with 60 percent of Northeast dog owners saying they snuggle
their pooch at night, compared to 49 percent of respondents from
other regions. Also worth noting, a separate study by noted 79
of pet-owning homebuyers
who closed on a property in
2018 said they would pass up an otherwise perfect home if it didn’t meet
the needs of their pets.

As dogs are considered members of the family, owners are also taking the
form of ‘helicopter parents’ – often worrying about their dog’s safety
and going out of their way to keep tabs.

  • 82 percent of dog owners worried about their dog’s safety when
    out of sight and 56 percent say they expect caregiver texts,
    photos and/or emails about their dog when they are away from home.
  • 71 percent of dog owners said they are generally nervous about
    their dog’s safety, and the biggest concerns stem from nearby cars and
    traffic, the potential for another dog to hurt their dog and their dog
    running away or getting off leash.
  • 60 percent of dog owners are not comfortable letting their dog
    off leash in unfenced areas. That’s probably wise, considering only 39
    their dog always comes when called, and only 19 percent
    consider their dog excellently trained. Of note, among major
    metropolitan areas, New Yorkers are most confident, with 63 percent
    of New York dog owners rating their dogs training as good or
    excellent, followed by Chicagoans at 62 percent and
    Philadelphians at 58 percent.
  • Dog owners in the South are the least nervous about their dogs getting
    off leash, with only 27 percent worried about the possibility.
    However, dog owners in the Northeast tend to be significantly more
    concerned with cars and traffic, with 39 percent of dog owners
    in the region worried about their dogs getting off leash vs. 29
    in other regions.

Dogs on the go
Dog owners enjoy being with their furry
family members, and indicated that parks, beaches, hiking and camping
are favorite “on-the-go” activities. While almost all dog owners enjoy
walking, 48 percent rely on parks and recreation for outdoor
activities with their dog. When it comes overall dog friendliness, the
New York metropolitan area has a leg up on the rest of the nation, with 71
of dog owners noting they have access to amenities such as
dog parks, outdoor areas and dog-friendly stores and eateries. The San
Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area, Washington D.C. and Houston round out
the top dog friendly metro areas.

While 86 percent of dog owners feel welcomed at the homes of
friends and family with their pets, unfortunately, 37 percent
said it is too inconvenient to travel with their dogs and have skipped a
trip because of the difficulty. In fact, 59 percent of dog owners
said they’ve never stayed overnight in a hotel with their dog and only 13
always travel with their dogs for overnight stays.

These responses indicate a major opportunity for hotels, airlines and
others in the travel and pet industries to bring products and services
to market that alleviate some of the complications of traveling with
pets. Hotels and airlines could take cues from Holiday Inn, Hilton
Hotels, Best Western, Marriott, Delta, Jet Blue and American Airlines,
identified by dog owners as the best hotels and airlines for traveling
with your dog.

As 38 percent of all households nationwide own one or more dogs,
the highest estimated rate of dog ownership since the American
Veterinary Medical Association
began measuring nearly four decades
ago—and dogs being increasingly important to their owners, businesses
and communities have an opportunity to provide products and services
that make it more convenient and welcoming for dog owners to include
their four-legged family members in their activities, especially since
in 2018, $72.5 billion was spent on pets in the U.S., according
to the American
Pet Products Association

This survey was conducted by ResearchScape International from April 4 to
April 10, 2019. The findings include responses from more than 1,500
respondents nationwide.

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SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence
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