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NATS 2.0 Release Brings Advanced Security, Decentralized Management, Multi-Tenancy, and Global Scale to the Messaging System

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The general availability of NATS 2.0 was announced today to meet the
market need for an advanced communications system tailored for modern
distributed systems. With the ability to run on-premises, in all cloud
providers, as well as in edge computing and IoT devices,
provides both scalable service and microservice communications,
observability, and data and event streaming. Providing one technology
with many communication patterns to support many use cases, NATS 2.0
takes functionality to the next level, offering radically easy
development and deployment in complex environments, reducing time to
market and drastically reducing operational costs; easy-to-use
decentralized security; as well as built-in, zero-configuration disaster
recovery. NATS 2.0 can replace multiple technologies like RPC systems,
service meshes, event streaming, load balancers, policy and proxy
sidecars as well as external security and authentication systems. It has
a simple API that allows rapid innovation and easy support for
integration with existing technologies. Current deployments do not need
to change; NATS 2.0 can augment existing messaging systems and
technologies to get the best out of all systems. Synadia NGS, driven by
NATS 2.0 technologies, is a modern and secure global messaging utility
with isolated communication contexts and secure sharing, creating the
first global digital dial tone. The goal is to securely connect all of
the world’s digital systems, services and devices. is in use at
enterprises including Capital One, Mastercard, Ericsson, GE, and Dell
Technologies’ Pivotal Software.

“NATS was already enough to get me to drop other technologies, but NATS
2.0 is a game changer and actually solves a bunch of security problems
as a bonus. It saves us time, dramatically reduces developer and
operator friction, reduces cost and gives us increased confidence in our
security strategy,” said Kevin Hoffman, Lead Engineer, Capital One
Critical Stack.

With a small API surface, little configuration and low touch operations,
NATS can drastically reduce operational complexity and costs.
Distributed security and authorization through isolated communication
and secure data sharing lets organizations self-manage, allowing for a
system that can operate at scale while supporting fast, agile
development practices in organizations. Superclusters, distributed
security, and self-healing technology along with’s multiple
messaging patterns allow for a single technology to cover use cases from
on-premises and cloud through edge computing to IoT, with one single
end-to-end security scheme. Teams can leverage NATS for the features
they need while continuing to use other systems already deployed, as can seamlessly enhance systems such as MQ-Series, Apache Kafka
and gRPC.

“Businesses need to innovate faster than ever before. Adding new
services and collecting more data to optimize for user experience are at
the center of many new technologies. However, the ever-increasing flood
of new and more complex technologies has led to excessive overhead,
operational complexity, slower time to value and much higher costs. is simple, secure, performant and resilient. It’s a
fundamentally different approach to digital communications,” said Derek
Collison, creator of and founder and CEO of Synadia. “NATS 2.0
can dramatically reduce this operational complexity and cost while
speeding up development and time to value for modern microservices and
event-driven architectures. We believe the market is ready to radically
simplify and standardize on a technology that can deliver all of these
technologies in one easy-to-use system.” is a simple, high-performance open source messaging system for
cloud native applications, IoT messaging and microservices
architectures. Developed by a world class team with over a century of
combined experience, is a proven technology that has been used
in production for nearly a decade. NGS, offered by Synadia, is a
commercially available global communications system built on the latest
2.0 release of The first decentralized and secure global
utility that can connect all the world’s digital systems, services and
devices, NGS is decentralized by design, easy to use and manage, secure
by default, and globally available in all major cloud providers. It
allows digital systems, services and devices to communicate through the
exchange of messages. To connect to NGS, users only need a single URL – – and their credentials. You can be sending and
receiving messages from any cloud provider or geographic location within

Since distributed computing communication technologies have not
adequately kept in step with other emergent technologies such as cloud,
edge computing, IoT, and microservices, the following problems are
prevalent in the enterprise today:

  • Security and policies to govern applications, devices and endpoints
    are difficult to manage at scale, taking up additional headcount and
  • Development can be slow because complex systems become fragile and
    siloed by software, a problem that is normally compounded as services
    are pushed enterprise-wide. This makes operations professionals
    hesitant and wary of change.
  • There are high operational costs for large-scale messaging product
    deployments in terms of financial, time and headcount resources.
  • Using multiple products or using the wrong product is required to meet
    the needs of the business.
  • Significantly increased operational complexity results when multiple
    products are used to communicate in different patterns, or when a
    complex approach is designed to use a single pattern.
  • Licensing fees can be expensive and prohibitive, especially when there
    are open source alternatives.
  • Large deployments are difficult to expand and become increasingly
    fragile as they grow.

NATS 2.0 mitigates these challenges:

  • NATS 2.0 provides decentralized security, with securely isolated
    accounts that can easily share streams and services.
  • With NATS 2.0 and NGS, teams create their own accounts where they can
    define their own imports and exports and policies. This allows them to
    be agile, free to innovate safely and independently, while posing no
    risk to the system as a whole.
  • NATS 2.0’s simplicity, distributed security and self-healing
    technologies make it low-cost to develop and operate.
  • has bundled the most common and valuable messaging patterns
    including request/reply with transparent scaling and observability,
    and event and data streaming, into one technology.
  • is open source, Apache 2.0 licensed and an official incubating
    project of the Cloud
    Native Computing Foundation
    . Paired with Synadia’s expertise, an
    enterprise can quickly and easily create an extremely reliable,
    scalable and secure messaging system.
  • With superclusters, self-healing technology, built-in disaster
    recovery and distributed security, deployments can grow or
    change with little to no impact on the overall health of an
    enterprise’s distributed communications.

Collison added, “Synadia can help enterprises simplify their distributed
communications through NATS deployments and enable organizations to get
the most of their distributed systems, whether on-premises, in the cloud
or at the edge. Enterprises can also take advantage of Synadia’s global
NGS service to seamlessly extend their onsite deployments. Our mission
is to minimize operational spend and unlock new innovative ideas by
allowing everything to communicate through NATS. We encourage
development teams to give NATS and NGS a try and to experience how much
easier their jobs will be—you can get connected and send your first
message in under a minute.”

About Synadia

At Synadia, we believe there is an opportunity to connect all the
world’s digital systems, services and devices utilizing NGS, the first
decentralized and secure global utility, powered by This
offering is decentralized, secure by default, globally available, and
easy to use and manage. The team at Synadia maintains and leads the
development of the project. Synadia also provides consulting,
NRE and support for, helping businesses lower operational costs
and innovate faster.

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