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Navedas Unveils CSAT.AI to Enhance Customer Experience (CX) and Agent Experience (AX) on Zendesk

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Navedas Technology Solutions Inc. today released CSAT.AI, a customer satisfaction app (CSAT) built to enhance CX and AX, in real time, on Zendesk Inc.’s leading cloud-based customer service platform.

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CSAT.AI score updates as you type. (Graphic: Business Wire)

CSAT.AI score updates as you type. (Graphic: Business Wire)

CSAT.AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to inform agents when they have successfully addressed and answered the customer’s questions. This innovative tool monitors 100% of engagements via automation, performing cost effective Quality Assurance (QA). CSAT.AI proactively utilizes customer satisfaction experiences before the end of the engagement. It monitors agent empathy while predicting customer satisfaction scores, and provides immediate positive reinforcement of good service. Customer service issues analyzed via categories (ie. delivery, subscriptions etc.), by agent or even by agent groups provide a holistic understanding of trends. Leaders have specific, actionable data to facilitate coaching low performers or rewarding star performers.

“Historically, QA has measured only 2% – 4% of engagements, providing limited snapshots long after the interaction is over. #Timesup on agents routinely harassed by customers: being sworn at or called names. We run QA on 100% of engagements, it makes sense to add a beneficial layer for agents too. CSAT.AI is the perfect tool.” ~Pullak Mohanty, Co-founder

QA is no longer time-consuming nor cost prohibitive. CSAT.AI empowers leadership to apply standards of service evenly across organizations. Scale contact center operations with actionable data supporting your QA teams’ ability to deliver quality service. CSAT.AI supports chat and email channels with multiple packages available.

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends 2019 states: “Enabling the right software for your customer support team is a must—and so is empowering the people who support your customers. This means giving managers and agents the right structure and tools.”

About Navedas:

Founded in 2009, Navedas Technology Solutions, inc. leverages human expertise in customer service with machine learning/AI to improve Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance while reducing costs. Over 60 hardworking individuals make up our team including MBA’s, Engineers, Researchers and other professionals experienced in running businesses while resolving customer service issues. Navedas uses ML/DL to automate routine office work. Our frameworks build on organizational experience, freeing employees from busy work so organizations can utilize employee time for the unique instead of the mundane.