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Nepes Is Now Supplying a Highly Reliable Fan-Out Package to a Leading Wireless Chip Maker

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Nepes (KOSDAQ: 033640), one of the top tier advanced packaging service providers, announces that it has initiated supply of high-reliability Fan-Out package service to a US based leading wireless chip maker. Fan-Out manufacturing is stabilized for mass production of the advanced package line recently acquired from Deca Technologies.

“High Reliability Fan-out Package,” supplied by nepes, is a high-tech solution with more than 2 times BLR (Board Level Reliability) performance versus standard fan-out technologies by reducing physical stress on chips through sidewall protection structures. It also uses “Adaptive Patterning” technology which can help to reduce die drift, one of the most chronic problems in the fan-out package, resulting in a higher-yield and higher-quality product at a lower cost. Currently, only two companies, nepes included, can mass-produce this advanced package solution.

Fan-out package technology is predicted to grow to a $3B market by 2025. Growth is driven by integration and high-performance trends. Nepes was an early adopter of fan-out packaging in partnership with a top-tier global automotive semiconductor partner. Fan-out advanced packaging is expanding the nepes business portfolio.

“In order to increase stability and performance of chips due to expansion of 5G markets, adoption of highly reliable packages to RFIC and PMIC is expected to increase rapidly,” said Mr. Taehoon Kim, President and Head of Business Development at nepes. “This year nepes plans to start mass production for high-reliability fan-out products in earnest and also to provide large-scale Panel services that will increase capacity and cost efficiency starting from September this year.” He said the company has set a goal of growing fan-out package sales from the current $30M to more than $450M in five years and has secured a foothold to achieve the goal starting with mass production this time.

Nepes is in full-scale construction of a new 600mm panel format fan-out plant in Korea, which is designed and optimized to meet increasing customer demand. Goal is to establish a state-of-the-art mass-production facility in South Korea in support of 5G growth over the next 5 years.