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Nepes Strengthens Fan-Out Packaging Portfolio by Licensing Deca’s Advanced M-Series™ Technology

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Nepes (KOSDAQ: 033640), one of the top tier advanced packaging service providers, has licensed advanced packaging technology from Deca Technologies and has taken over its semiconductor packaging line.

Nepes announced on 1st Oct., they have decided to license the advanced packaging technology M-Series and take over the semiconductor advanced packaging fab from Deca Technologies. Nepes will acquire Deca’s wafer level chip scale production line including Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) in support of active customers as well as enter into a technology license agreement.

FOWLP is an innovative back-end technology in semiconductor manufacturing as the evolution of wafer fab technology is currently slowing down. The FOWLP is applied to advanced semiconductors enabling high integration and superior thermal dissipation characteristics and is a fast growing market with revenues expected at around $3B in 2025. The FOWLP market has a high entry barrier. There are only 4 OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) companies with FOWLP mass production ability globally including Nepes. Nepes has plans to gain 10% of the market share within 5 years of this acquisition.

Nepes is currently strengthening its portfolio to gain leadership in logic chip packaging market. In particular, Deca’s FOWLP technology (M-Series™) provides high reliability, ideal for mobile chipsets with enhanced chip protection and stability.

Nepes said, “This technology, including M-Series™ and Adaptive Patterning™, will create strong synergy with Nepes own Panel Level Packaging (PLP) and FOWLP technology, growing our leadership in advanced packaging by actively expanding Korea’s ecosystem development strategy for the logic chip industry.”

About Nepes

Founded in 1990, Nepes is a packaging solution provider in system IC. Started with chemical business, acquired US patent for solder bumping technology for semiconductors in 2004. Nepes commercialized for the first time in Korea, Plating bumping, WLP (Wafer level packaging), FOWLP (Fan-out Wafer level packaging) and PLP (Panel level packaging) technology. Providing FOWLP service to global No.1 Automotive chip maker since 2015 and enhancing PLP service leadership in global OSAT market.