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Nest Wealth Steps up to Support Independent Advisors Holding Forstrong Global Portfolios

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Nest Wealth, Canada’s leading independent digital wealth platform, is excited to announce that Forstrong Global Asset Management’s actively managed solutions are now available through the Nest Wealth Plus platform to clients referred by financial advisors.

The recent strong demand and numerous requests from Canadian advisors to work together with Nest Wealth resulted in this exciting opportunity.

“We love the Forstrong portfolios and highly value the Nest Wealth company culture and technology. Nest Wealth stepped up at a time when our advisors really needed a client first solution and we’re extremely excited about the road ahead,” said Scott Plaskett, Senior Financial Planner and CEO of IRONSHIELD Financial Planning.

At a time when advisors on digital platforms must make choices about how best to serve their clients, Nest Wealth is committed to empowering these advisors with access to technology trusted by some of Canada’s largest financial institutions.

Since 2001, Forstrong’s solutions have demonstrated their ability to carefully steward investor assets through challenging markets and economic environments.

“The powerful combination of one of Canada’s leading investment firms and Canada’s largest enterprise digital wealth platform will instantly ease advisors’ concerns. We are committed to ensuring that these advisors have a stable, tested, and leading-edge platform,” said Neil Greenbaum, Head of Advisor Solutions for Nest Wealth.

Starting today, Advisors with existing clients invested in Forstrong’s actively managed solutions on other digital platforms are invited to reach out to Neil Greenbaum to discuss how to transition their clients to Nest Wealth.

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