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NetApp Powers Data-Driven Organizations to Succeed

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NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP), the data authority for hybrid cloud, today
announced NetApp® ONTAP® 9.6, the new midrange, end-to-end NVMe AFF A320
storage system and an expanded portfolio of services to help businesses
maximize the value of their data.

NetApp’s cloud-connected flash solutions, an element of a Data Fabric
strategy, provide the simplicity, operational efficiency and protection
needed to support innovation, add unprecedented performance and power
the most demanding data sets and technologies, such as artificial
intelligence or 5G networks. Only NetApp delivers everything that
companies need to build their own unique Data Fabric that spans public
cloud, private cloud and on-premises environments. With NetApp
solutions, this Data Fabric can deliver applications that engage users
and can provide analytics that turn insights into a competitive

“As enterprises evolve to new, more data-centric business models where
data is a key strategic resource, data availability requirements are on
the rise,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure
Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC. “NetApp’s
cloud-connected flash solutions, coupled with their Data Fabric
strategy, provides the performance, availability, agility and simplicity
enterprises undergoing digital transformation need in their hybrid cloud
infrastructure to create and leverage innovative business opportunities.”

“In advances that are coming our way, like 5G networks, we can see that
a company’s ability to generate, gather and disseminate a massive volume
of data will be enabled like never before and companies that aren’t
ready are going to be overwhelmed,” said Joel Reich, executive vice
president, Storage Systems and Software, NetApp. “With NetApp ONTAP,
organizations can overcome the challenges introduced by these
data-intensive technologies and cutting-edge innovations with a smart,
powerful, and trusted solution that maximizes the value that
organizations can derive from data.”

Maximizing Value in the Hybrid Cloud

By accelerating applications painlessly and by delivering simplicity and
security for a future-proof infrastructure, ONTAP 9.6 data management
software allows organizations of all sizes to maximize the value of data
and take on new data-driven initiatives. ONTAP 9.6 includes the
following enhancements:

  • Expanded NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC) ecosystem now includes
    VMware ESXi, Microsoft Windows, and Oracle Linux hosts, in addition to
    Red Hat and SUSE Linux, with storage path resiliency. Organizations
    can experience NVMe/FC performance for most workloads.
  • FabricPool now supports Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud, in
    addition to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM Cloud
    Storage. Organizations can lower the cost of primary storage by
    automatically tiering cold data to any major public cloud or to a
    NetApp StorageGRID® private cloud.
  • NetApp FlexCache® software now supports NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP,
    allowing organizations to experience the benefits of FlexCache in
    hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Over-the-wire encryption for NetApp SnapMirror® technology and
    FlexCache increases security for data replication and remote caching.
  • NetApp MetroCluster™ IP support for entry-level NetApp AFF and FAS
    systems now makes business continuity a cost-effective option for
    organizations, taking advantage of existing customer IP networks
    between sites.

New Midrange End-to-End NVMe System

Last year NetApp introduced the AFF A800, the industry’s first
end-to-end NVMe system with industry-leading performance and unmatched
data services that are backed by the industry’s most effective
Efficiency Guarantee. With this announcement, NetApp has extended these
benefits to the midrange market. The AFF A320 system enables customers

  • Accelerate traditional and emerging enterprise applications such as
    artificial intelligence and deep learning, analytics, and databases
    with extremely low latency.
  • Reduce data center costs by consolidating applications with a powerful
  • Future-proof their environment with NVMe technology, 100GbE Ethernet,
    and cloud integration.

Expanded Services Portfolio to Meet Broader Customer Needs

Customers can rely on NetApp standards-based best practices and expert
engineers to improve efficiency and performance and to protect against
business disruption and data loss. NetApp’s expanded services portfolio
now includes:

  • SupportEdge Prestige offers a high-touch, concierge level of
    technical support that resolves issues faster through priority call
    routing. Customers are assigned a designated team of NetApp experts
    and receive specialized reporting, tools, and storage environment
    health assessments.
  • Tiered Deployment Service accelerates time to value for new
    NetApp technology and reduces the risk of improper installation or
    misconfiguration. Three new high-quality options include Basic,
    Standard and Advanced Deployment, each aligned to customer business
  • Managed Upgrade Service is a remotely delivered service that
    reduces security risks by ensuring NetApp software is always up to
    date with all security patches and firmware upgrades.

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