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NetJapan Releases ActiveImage Protector™ 2018 Virtual Edition Update With HyperAgent™

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NetJapan, Inc., publisher of disk imaging backup, disaster recovery, and
virtualization software, announces the release of ActiveImage Protector™
2018 Virtual Edition Update. This update includes NetJapan’s
HyperAgent™, a new agentless backup feature for backing up virtual
machines or hosts.

Typical agent-based backup of virtual machines consume CPU and memory
resources during various stages of backup. The HyperAgent, installed on
a remote machine, runs the tasks, minimizing the consumption of CPU and
memory resources on host and guest machines. HyperAgent on Microsoft
Storage Server achieves highly efficient storage driven virtual machine
backups. Backup an unlimited number of virtual machines from a single
host using either agent-based or agentless methods.

ActiveImage Protector 2018 Virtual Edition Update utilizes iSCSI to
serve backup images as iSCSI targets to any local or remote iSCSI
initiator for attaching backup images as local disks; not only useful
for recovering files and folders from a backup, but enables booting of
backup images on a physical machine or a hypervisor. Additionally, using
VMware vMotion can streamline the recovery process by seamlessly
migrating live virtual machines booted from the iSCSI disk to a
hypervisor in a production environment.

Additional Features:

  • NetJapan’s Advanced VHDX Block Delta technology makes incremental
    backups of VMs without the need for an agent or drivers to be
    installed on the Hyper-V host.
  • Supports Microsoft Resilient Change Tracking for incremental backups
    of Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • HyperRestore™ restores physical or virtual machine backups to
    dissimilar hypervisors.
  • NetJapan’s new ImageIsolate™ technology reduces potential malware or
    ransomware attacks by disconnecting access to backup storage drives
    after backups complete.
  • HyperStandby™ uses NetJapan’s vStandby™ technology to create and
    maintain standby virtual machines from backup images for instant
  • Backup multiple VMs into a single image file to gain additional
    benefits from NetJapan’s Inline Data Deduplication Compression.
  • New scheduling options include selecting a monthly range, and then
    designate specific days within that range for backup tasks.

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