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Neustar and JCDecaux North America Partner to Bring Mobile Location Intelligence to Digital and Analog Out-of-Home Advertisers

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Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and
the leader in trusted customer identity and marketing analytics
solutions for Fortune 500 brands, and JCDecaux North America, Inc., the
number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, today announced a
partnership to bring advanced mobile location intelligence to modern
digital and analog Out-of-Home advertisers. Neustar’s trusted customer
identity solutions offer a single source of robust, person-based data
that has been securely pseudonymized to protect consumer privacy.

This announcement expands on the companies’ initial
in 2017.

Currently, Neustar and JCDecaux North America analyze outdoor
advertising assets against audience data via Neustar’s audience
intelligence platform, ElementOne.
Now, ElementOne will also provide JCDecaux North America with location
data derived from geospatial mapping capabilities to understand foot
traffic and measure audiences in geographic areas like airports, malls,
retail locations, designated market areas (DMAs), and ZIP Codes.

“Combining the power of programmatic and location-based data with the
delivery of physical advertising is essential for today’s quickly
evolving Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) vertical,” said Neustar General
Manager of Customer Intelligence Hyune Hand. “Expanding our relationship
with JCDecaux North America enables them to effectively and
intelligently sell DOOH media by obtaining, analyzing, and activating
upon exclusive location-based insights, while providing unrivaled
intelligence surrounding these consumer audiences through Neustar’s
identity resolution offering.”

By including its geospatial intelligence natively into the ElementOne
Platform, Neustar enables agencies, brands, and media owners to leverage
mobile location data in a privacy-compliant way to drive insights and to
buy and sell audiences based on observed in-market behavior. This
analysis is aggregated to a group level and pseudonymized, allowing for
powerful insights and activation but preserving privacy.

Now brands, publishers and advertisers can leverage location-based
insights to:

  • Visualize mobile signal density of an audience, location, or custom
    geo-fenced area to determine your ideal target markets;
  • Develop comprehensive audience profiles by connecting pseudonymized
    location signals to a broad range of demographic and psychographic
  • Analyze audience foot traffic patterns, daily commutes, and
    daytime/nighttime population data to determine peaks or lulls in
    transitory tendencies;
  • Improve campaign efficacy by engaging audiences with personalized
    messages and promotions based on their attitudes, lifestyles, and
    purchase behaviors;
  • Geo-fence a custom polygon around a competitor’s locations to identify
    opportunities for engaging interested potential audiences with custom
  • Measure campaign efficacy by connecting the dots between a DOOH asset
    and digital marketing campaigns.

“Neustar brings best-in-class identity data and audience profiling
capabilities, as well as the best combination of platform tools, to help
us get the most for our Out-of-Home inventory, which we make available
to our advertiser partners,” said JCDecaux Co-Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Luc Decaux.

Neustar’s ElementOne platform combines customer data with consumer
demographics and behavioral data to create audience groups that are
unique to a business, channel, and product, so that marketers can target
with granularity or at scale. ElementOne enables businesses to access
more than 20,000 audience profiles, ranging from psychographic and
behavioral attributes to attitudes, preferences, buying patterns,
interests, media usage, and more.

With ElementOne integrated into Neustar’s Identity Data Management
Platform (Identity DMP), marketers can now identify audiences based on
observations in the physical world and activate directly online, or, via
this expanded partnership with JCDecaux, directly to Out-of-Home
advertising. No matter the channel, Neustar always leverages Privacy by
Design principles and ensures full compliance with applicable privacy

About Neustar

Neustar, Inc. is a leading global information services provider driving
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About JCDecaux North America

JCDecaux North America, Inc. is part of JCDecaux Out-of-Home Media
Group, an international media and communications company founded in
1964. JCDecaux is the number one outdoor advertising specialist in the
world, as well as the market leader in Europe and in Asia Pacific. As
the inventor of the “street furniture” concept in 1964, the JCDecaux
Group is one of only two companies worldwide to focus exclusively on
outdoor advertising and develop activities in all three segments: street
furniture, billboard, and transport advertising.

JCDecaux is number one worldwide for street furniture, number one
worldwide in transport, number one in Europe for billboard advertising,
and number one worldwide for airport advertising with concessions in
more than 210 airports. The Group has operations in 80+ countries with a
presence in 4,031 cities, reaching over 410+ million people daily