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New Analyst Report Shows Wide Differences in On-Premise Storage-as-a-Service Offerings Between Various Vendors

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A recent research report by global IT industry analyst and marketing strategy firm Neuralytix detailed the abilities and challenges of on-premises Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) offerings and compared the capabilities of four vendors in the market space. The review presents a comparison of features and price of offerings from Nutanix, Pure Storage, and StorONE. The report also documents how on-premises StaaS offerings differ from cloud-native storage vendor, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Neuralytix Insight looked at the reasons for the rapid and dramatic shift IT organizations are experiencing in how they deploy storage and recommend the StaaS model, which delivers capacity and performance for a periodic fee, to overcome them. The StaaS model provides capacity and performance for a periodic fee based on an organization’s exacts needs.

According to the report, successful StaaS solutions must offer flexible and granular capacity changes, variable performance guarantees, no long-term commitments, high data availability, and durability as well as being easy to manage and procure.

“Neuralytix believes that users should start a journey towards subscription-based data storage,” the report reads. “In doing so, it allows the balancing of storage costs against the value of the data it stores, thus giving a clear return on investment (ROI), as well as giving rise to new economic considerations for how data can improve the success of the user’s organization.”

The comparison between StaaS models better enables readers to understand the economic considerations of the solutions, supported protocols, and ROI each vendor provides to satisfy users’ differences in philosophical, technical, and political approaches to their infrastructure needs. In addition to highlighting the benefits and considerations needed when evaluating StaaS offerings, the report detailed the basic features of each of the providers and a dollar-by-terabyte-by-month price comparison between the vendors.

Neuralytix is a leading global enterprise IT research and advisory firm that provides the insight necessary for its clients to excel in the digital economy. Founded in 2012, Neuralytix advises organizations across the globe on how to achieve sustainable growth and improve competitive advantage by leveraging the firm’s strategic thought leadership, market intelligence, and analyses of the enterprise technology market.

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StorONE is the first enterprise storage platform portfolio that includes ultra-high performance AFA’s, Hybrid, High Capacity, Virtual Appliance and a Cloud Solution. The StorONE technology advantages provide storage managers new capabilities which were not possible before: high performance with minimal hardware, comes with complete data protection in parallel with all storage services with no performance degradation. This results in dramatic cost saving without compromising on hardware quality. It’s a future proof storage solution which allows organizations full flexibility with all storage protocols available (block, file and object), supports all drive types in the same solution (NVME, SSD and HDD), and is completely hardware agnostics and covers any range of performance (hundreds to millions of IOPS) and capacity (10TB to 15PB). StorONE is a technology company designed for today’s modern storage and networking devices with over 8 years of development and more than 50 patents prior to its first release. The board is comprised of industry veterans and includes the Microsoft chairman, former Motorola and Sun Microsystems CEO and chairman, and the inventor of SQL (one of Oracle’s first 10 employees) and more. StorONE is headquartered in New York, with offices in Dallas, Tel Aviv and Singapore. Additional information about StorONE is available at