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New Aragon Research Positions Alfresco Software as a Leader in Globe Report for Enterprise Content Platform

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, a commercial, open source software company, today
announced that Aragon
Inc., a leading technology-focused research and advisory
firm, identified the company as a “Leader” in the Aragon
Research Globe for Enterprise Content Platforms 2019 Report

, Chief Executive Officer, Aragon Research noted: “Enterprise
content management has changed, and today enterprises need an enterprise
content platform that can effectively automate their content processes.
Providers like Alfresco, with its cloud-native, open source platform,
are helping enterprises streamline the way they conduct their
document-based business processes, leading to a competitive advantage.”

According to the report, “the [Alfresco
Digital Business] platform
includes Alfresco
Content Services
, an open, highly scalable enterprise content
management (ECM) solution, Alfresco
Process Services (BPM)
and robust records management capabilities
with the Alfresco
Governance Services module
. The platform also accelerates
development of complex integrated solutions, through a rich set of open
APIs and re-usable visual components, which comprise its Application
Development Framework

, Chief Executive Officer, Alfresco Software, said: “We believe
the Aragon Report validates our approach in delivering instant services
and exceptional experiences by bringing together powerful process,
content and governance services into a single, cloud-native platform;
and we are proud to have recently introduced new Intelligent
that seamlessly leverages discrete 3rd party
services, such as AWS’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine
Learning) services for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Comprehend), image
analysis (Rekognition), and text and data extraction from images
(Textract). This provides enterprises with highly-scalable methods for
intelligently extracting important content often locked away in multiple
documents, scanned images, videos and photographs.”

A unique aspect of Alfresco’s
Intelligence Services
is that it retains enriched AI data, which
allows enterprises to leverage the enhanced intelligence, without
recurring costs. It also enables enterprises to further reference AI
analysis results across large volumes of content with tools that detect
potential patterns, trends and correlations.

Alfresco added significant functionality and capabilities to its Digital
Business Platform over the past 12 months with the introduction of five
new products and more than 40 major product updates, including:

  • Alfresco Intelligence Services – A framework that allows companies to
    access cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
    (ML) services to automatically enrich content, enabling enterprises to
    put their unstructured data to work for them and gain valuable insight;
  • Alfresco Activiti Enterprise 7.0 – The first cloud-native
    BPM solution
    enabling organizations to innovate faster and drive
    additional process coverage.
  • Alfresco Connector for Amazon S3 – The Alfresco
    Content Connector for Amazon Glacier
    allows enterprises to
    leverage the leading storage service for infrequently accessed data.
    Clients can dramatically reduce their storage costs compared to
    on-premises solutions and still get the security features to meet
    regulatory and compliance archiving requirements – compare the cost of
    running your apps in an on premises or colocation environment to AWS here);
  • Alfresco Digital Workspace – A modern, out-of-the-box
    user interface (UI)
    , which is built using the ADF, provides users
    access to the power of the DBP. Its unique extensibility allows
    customers and partners to extend the Workspace, adding vertical and
    use-case specific features, that make it easier for users to get their
    work completed;
  • Alfresco Search and Insight Engine – Built on a highly-scalable,
    reliable and fault-tolerant open source Solr search platform, Alfresco’s
    insight engine
    provides simple preparation and consumption of
    reports and delivers pre-configured reports, as well as a dashboard
    builder based on Apache Zeppelin.

Bernadette Nixon continued: “We believe many enterprises want to use
cloud innovations like containerization and microservices, as well as
artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create a
competitive advantage, but few have a clear pathway to success. As noted
in the Aragon Research report, the Alfresco DBP ‘allows enterprises to
deal with legacy mission-critical content’. Alfresco has developed deep
experience helping organizations migrate from legacy ECM systems to our
cloud-native DBP. Our migration offering includes tools coupled with our
Consultancy Services to provide a better way for companies to de-risk
their migrations from outdated legacy systems and achieve better results
more quickly.”

The Aragon report provides an enterprise content management (ECM) market
overview, notes demand for full content platforms that focus on putting
‘content in motion’ and discusses the growing need for platforms that
can manage more diverse content and provide real-time analytics about
content-based processes.

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Content Platforms 2019 Report
is available here.

About Alfresco

Alfresco Software, Inc. (“Alfresco”) is a commercial, open source
software company that provides a better, more effortless way for people
to work, making sure they have the information they need, exactly when
they need it most. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform accelerates
the design and delivery of ‘cloud-first’ solutions for the enterprise
that are process and content intensive. It is a single, integrated
platform built from the ground up by Alfresco and used to digitize
processes, manage content and securely govern information. Alfresco
helps more than 1,300 industry-leading organizations, including Cisco,
, the Canadian
Museum for Human Rights
, US Navy Department, the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, and NASA,
be more responsive and competitive. Founded in 2005, Alfresco has its
headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. For more information on
Alfresco, please visit

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