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New Chairman of the Board Appointed for Code Corporation

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After 20 years of service as Chairman of the Board of Code Corporation, Barclay McFadden III has decided to step down from that role. He will remain a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has now appointed Dennis Kaill as Code’s next Chairman of the Board.

Mr. McFadden has been Code’s Chairman since 2001. Before joining Code, Mr. McFadden served as the Chairman and CEO of Stow Mills in Chesterfield, NH, from 1976 to 1997. Mr. McFadden also serves as Chairman of American Stainless, in Cheraw, SC, which sells stainless steel products to industrial companies in the Southeast. Regarding his role change, Mr. McFadden commented, “Considering the competent hands steering Code into the future and my years of service, I’ve chosen to step aside as Chairman of the Board. I proudly support my fellow board member, Dennis Kaill, as our next Chairman and I’m confident about Code’s future. Dennis and the executive team will no doubt lead Code to limitless success.”

For his part, Mr. Kaill has been on Code’s Board of Directors since 2015. He has more than 25 years of senior leadership experience within the software and technology sectors. Before joining Code’s board, Mr. Kaill spent ten years as President/Managing Director of Microscan Systems, an international barcode technology company. In that prior role, he led Microscan from a market and profit share laggard to a leadership position. “I am honored to be a part of Code and the success we’ve experienced and will experience in the future. I am excited to attempt to fill Barclay’s shoes, and live up to his legacy of excellence over the past 20 years at Code,” said Mr. Kaill. “My intimate knowledge of Code, its products, and the executive team will be the foundation we build on moving forward.”

Kent Hansen, the Chief Executive Officer for Code, said, “In my short time with Code, I have come to build a stable relationship of trust and respect with both Barclay and Dennis. I thank Barclay for his guidance in my transition as CEO, and his years of service to Code. Dennis will no doubt smoothly move from Board Member to Chairman of the Board. He knows our business, our people, and our products. I expect a bright future for Code, and these Board changes will only serve to drive meaningful improvement for both our partners and employees.”

About Code Corporation

For more than 20 years, Code Corporation has been an industry pioneer, leader, and champion for data capture innovation and has garnered more than 100 patents. By crafting and perfecting its unique decoding algorithms, Code’s scanning and decoding technology deliver unparalleled performance that companies around the world depend on every day. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of market-leading hardware and software data capture solutions. Code products are not only valued for providing a consistent level of workflow efficiency year after year, but also for their ergonomic design, durability, ease of customization, and seamless integration. For more, please visit