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New CTO Solidifies npm, Inc.’s Enterprise and Open Source Capabilities

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, the company that delivers JavaScript to the world, today
announced the appointment of Ahmad Nassri as Chief Technology Officer.
Nassri brings a powerful combination of enterprise engineering
management and significant open source community experience ideally
suited to help scale the npm business.

Nassri will align npm’s efforts to drive the company’s accelerating
growth, leading a cross-functional organization in engineering,
security, product and support with 35 members spanning the globe. He
will work closely with Isaac Schlueter, npm’s co-founder and new Chief
of Open Technologies, to fully integrate the company’s continuing
efforts to bring value to npm’s global community.

“npm, Inc. has become an invaluable resource for JavaScript developers
around the world, and in every industry—from mass media to financial
services,” said Nassri. “I’m thrilled to join the company at such an
exciting time, expanding our investment in tools and best practices that
ensure the continued growth of enterprise and open source communities

Nassri is a leading expert in the development and delivery of
globally-scaled software projects. Prior to npm, Nassri served as chief
architect for TELUS Digital, where he led hundreds of developers in
building digital software platforms and telecom products that scale to
support millions of customers. Nassri joined TELUS from Kong Inc. where
he was vice president of engineering leading an international team
focused on powering API-driven software through open-source technology.

“I’m excited to focus on engaging with our open source community more
fully moving forward,” said Schlueter. “Ahmad’s background and expertise
will make a significant impact on our ability to perform in the market,
more tightly linking what’s happening in the community with what’s
happening in the enterprise—and better serving the needs of JavaScript
developers everywhere.”

Among his many roles in the open source community, Nassri currently
leads the Enterprise Focus Group of the Node.js Foundation, whose
purpose is to gather feedback and insights on challenges faced by
closed-source projects that use Node.js within the context of large

Nassri is also an active developer, founder of NodeDay Canada, start-up
mentor, blogger,
podcast host of Hacker
, and founder of TechMasters, an online technical
community with over 8,100 members where technologists, founders,
developers, administrators, learners, and other technology leaders come
together to help and teach one another in a friendly and informative

“The addition of Ahmad to the team could not be better timed,” said
Bryan Bogensberger, npm’s CEO. “The scaling that npm is now doing—both
in its open source tools and services, and in building the enterprise
business—requires exactly the expertise that Ahmad brings with him.”

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About npm, Inc.

npm, Inc., founded in Oakland, California, in 2014 by Isaac Z. Schlueter
and Laurie Voss, maintains the npm package manager for JavaScript and
operates the world’s largest software registry. Created in 2009 as an
open-source package manager for Node.js, npm has been embraced by
millions of developers worldwide for client- and server-side
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and aerospace. More than 150,000 companies, including BBC, Coinbase,
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