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New Data Rate Record for Intensity Modulated Single-Wavelength

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HyperLight, an optical semiconductor company, announces a new industry benchmark achieved with their thin-film Lithium Niobate modulator at Nokia Bell Labs as reported in a post deadline paper at ECOC 2020. Demonstrated was transmission over 10.2 km of single-mode fiber of intensity-modulated and direct detected (IM-DD) signals at record 700.5 Gb/s line rate and record 538.8 Gb/s net rate representing a 17% improvement over the previous mark.

Conventional IM-DD systems are an important option for transmission distances of tens of kilometers or less over optical fibers. An IM-DD system requires only one intensity modulator or a directly modulated laser for signal modulation and one single-ended photodiode with a single analog-to-digital converter for detection. The digital signal processing for IM-DD systems is also simpler compared to that for coherent systems.

Dr. Mian Zhang, CEO and co-founder of HyperLight said, “We are delighted with the results and honored to work with Nokia Bell Labs in the device verification and the publishing of the ECOC 2020 paper.” Mian added, “What makes this new achievement exciting is the value it brings to the industry. Direct modulation and detection used here is essential to enable lower power and costs for optical interconnects solutions approaching Tb/s, which is normally within the speed realm of more expensive and complex coherent systems.”

As data rates double with every successive generation, so does complexity for meeting the demand of lower cost and power. Photonic innovation for ultrahigh performance, low-voltage modulators can ease this complexity.

Tod Sizer, Smart Optical Fabric and Device Research Lab Leader at Nokia Bell Labs said, “We are pleased to achieve this new data rate benchmark. Milestones like these are important as the industry strives to meet the demand for higher speed connectivity. HyperLight’s low-drive voltage modulator with more than 100 GHz bandwidth played an important role to enable the results.”

About HyperLight

HyperLight designs and produces photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with ultrahigh electro-optic performances to provide solutions for next generation optical communication and signal processing applications. Our ultrahigh speed, low power and integrated electro-optic solutions enable our customer to achieve unprecedented system level performances in their applications. HyperLight was founded in 2018 with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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