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New Fiber Distribution Hub Simplifies Provisioning with Intuitive Cable Management

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Connectivity Solutions Direct LLC (CSD), a global provider of passive optical solutions, today announced the launch of its new outside plant cabinet and splitter solution for FTTH deployments. Engineered to provide high fiber density in a small footprint with industry-leading cable management, the CSD solution is ideal for both urban and rural service areas.

At the heart of the solution is the optical splitter module. This module contains the PLC device and the output adapters for a true pay-as-you-grow design. The output adapters are numbered from bottom to top so that the next port is always on top, unobstructed from the previous connection. The adapter ports are angled downward to facilitate cable management. The module can be mounted vertically in a cabinet or horizontally in a rack located in a central office.

The cabinet layout incorporates a 19” rack mount design, utilizing a vertical orientation to facilitate cable management. CSD’s unique approach of terminating all the fibers and organizing them in a storage tray makes it easy to find the desired connector and turn up service. The cabinet is based on a NEMA 4X design to withstand practically any environmental condition.

The cabinet and splitter solution are incredibly flexible. The cabinet is designed with a total capacity of 9 RU to hold many combinations of optical devices and pass-throughs which are only ½ RU each. The modules can hold optical splitters or xWDMs and can support either SC or LC connectors.

“Zoning restrictions and permitting delays are driving the demand for smaller, less visually objectionable cabinets in outside plant applications.” said Brian Berdan, Vice President of Product Management for CSD. “The challenge then is to provide density in a way that keeps the fiber organized and traceable. This solution is focused on doing just that.”

About CSD

Connectivity Solutions Direct is a leading supplier of cable assemblies and network solutions for today’s demanding enterprise markets. CSD was established to provide our customers with the pricing benefits and rapid delivery times enabled by a manufacturing direct supply structure while also offering technical and design support, rapid prototyping, first article design assistance and other value-added services such as product kitting, inventory management and financing, previously only available through premium higher cost distributors. Our standards-based data network products maximize value and minimize the investment by building owners, meeting today’s connectivity needs and anticipating the data speeds, security and flexibility required to meet the demands of your customers tomorrow.