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New Food AI Looks Inside Your Fridge To Help You Find The Perfect Things To Cook With What You ALREADY Have

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Whisk, a smart food platform acquired
by Samsung NEXT
last year, today unveiled its advanced Food AI
developed in a collaboration with nutritionists, food scientists,
software engineers and grocery retailers from the US, UK, Korea and

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Recommendation model (Graphic: Business Wire)

Recommendation model (Graphic: Business Wire)

Whisk’s Food AI brings together user preferences, intent and context to
deliver personalized cooking experiences. To inform the AI, users simply
save a few of their favorite recipes into Whisk’s recipe box and, if
they wish, share personal food preferences (e.g. likes, dietary
restrictions, usual retailers) and their location. Users then receive
personalized food recommendations based on their preferences, saved
recipes and other context (e.g. local weather, seasonal goods).

The personalized cooking experience shown today at CES 2020 is brought
to life by the combination of Food AI and the new Samsung Family Hub
with the ViewInside camera, where AI-powered image recognition is used
to first understand what’s inside the fridge. Then, the fridge
recommends a curated feed of recipes that incorporate the ingredients
you already have with your preferences, desires and situational needs.

The impact of this goes beyond the individual cooking experience to help
families make smarter food decisions. “In the US an average person
wastes 238 pounds of food per year – that’s a staggering 21 percent of
the food they buy. Wasted ingredients also costs the average US
household $1,800 per year1. When coupled with the fact that
people generally end up cooking the same 7-9 dishes on repeat, people
are not being inspired to find creative solutions to use up leftover
ingredients, wasting food, time and money,” said Nick Holzherr, Head of
Product, Whisk at Samsung NEXT. “Whisk’s Food AI takes the ingredients
you have and finds uses for them through an understanding of the kinds
of recipes you enjoy, making your cooking experience simpler and

Whisk’s Food AI is the result of collaboration with over 100 food data
experts, nutritionists, data scientists and software engineers working
together from Seoul, Birmingham UK, San Francisco, New York, St.
Petersburg and Tel Aviv. In these collaborations, Whisk, Samsung NEXT
and Samsung Research have brought key players together from across
Samsung internally, as well as from the food and science community in
industry and academia.

Last month, Whisk launched its first set of multi-platform apps to
empower users with a faster way to plan and shop for meals by turning
saved recipes into collaborative, smarter shopping lists. See more here.

Come and find us at CES to see Food AI and the new Samsung Family Hub
with the ViewInside camera in action. Booth # 15006 in the Connected
Living zone.

About Whisk:

Whisk is the world’s smartest food platform that connects recipes and
products to shopping and cooking. Leveraging artificial intelligence and
deep learning, Whisk partners
with the world’s largest retailers, publishers, CPG brands and health
companies to engage users to create meaningful food experiences and
drive growth at every step of the food journey – from planning to plate.
Whisk was founded in 2012 by Nick Holzherr and has
been a part of Samsung NEXT
since March 2019. For more information,

1 Buzby, Jean C. et al. “The Estimated Amount, Value, and
Calories of Postharvest Food Losses at the Retail and Consumer Levels in
the United States.” Economic Research Service, USDA, February
2014. Retrieved March 7, 2019