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New Froala Pages Delivers Superior Web Design Experience

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Froala, (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of software components for rich text and web applications, today announced the release of Froala Pages, a new product whose modular design concept accelerates the web design process and offers uniformity and consistency across different sections of a website.

For businesses such as online marketplaces that allow their end users to build store pages on their web applications, the design variables can be limitless. Froala Pages combines the reliability and user experience of Froala Editor with the plug and play nature of Froala Design Blocks to help non-technical end users build pixel-perfect pages in minutes.

Pages ensures uniformity with a modern design, intuitive UI, drag and drop functionality, custom toolbars, and custom behavior. The solution is built from the ground up with vanilla Javascript, and comes with cross-browser support that provides the same user experience regardless of browser. Web pages built with Pages are easily extensible, include zero dependencies, and are highly performant.

“With so many platforms and design tools available, the process of developing a web page gets complicated quickly,” said Kegan Blumenthal, general manager of Froala. “Froala Pages give users an easy, consistent page-building experience without having to sacrifice functionality or reinvent the wheel.”

Froala Pages features include:

  • Reliability: incorporates tried-and-true, heavily tested functionality of Froala WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Plug and Play: uses JavaScript page builder with Froala Design Blocks Open Source web design library.
  • Easy to Extend: designed to be adaptive, from custom design blocks to custom features.
  • Edit and Design Modes: edit and design in the same place, but not within the same interface; UI built-in modes optimize focus on what is needed.
  • Design Blocks: modular concept accelerates the design process and ensures uniformity and consistency across a website.
  • Design: modern interface with intuitive UI, drag and drop functionality, custom toolbars, custom behavior, and vector icons that scale to any size on any screen.
  • Universal: design for different screen sizes in a single click; as soon as a new page element is added it may be verified in each size easily.

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Froala has reimagined the web editing and design experience. The company’s drop-in WYSIWYG rich text editor is a simple but powerful user interface for developing and editing web content easier and faster. In addition, Froala offers more than 170 pluggable, open source design blocks to help developers build beautiful web and mobile applications. Thousands of companies around the world use Froala, including a large number in the Fortune 100. Froala is a division of Idera, Inc. To learn more, visit