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New Healthy Blue Benefit Allows Louisiana Medicaid Members to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost

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Healthy Blue now offers Louisiana Medicaid members the option to access medical and behavioral healthcare providers through telehealth visits at no cost. Healthy Blue recently launched a new Medicaid benefit that allows eligible members to log into LiveHealth Online through a smartphone, tablet or computer that has a webcam to visit with board-certified doctors, licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who are licensed and credentialed in Louisiana. Also, because this telehealth option is offered as a benefit, eligible Healthy Blue Medicaid members do not pay a fee to see healthcare providers via LiveHealth Online.

“By making LiveHealth Online available at no cost to Healthy Blue members, not only are we redefining what’s possible in healthcare, we are empowering individuals and families to improve their health outcomes,” said Aaron Lambert, president, Healthy Blue. “LiveHealth Online provides new opportunities to access doctors and specialists that may have once been out of reach, and it removes barriers that may have prevented individuals from accessing the care they need, when they need it. This new benefit will help improve lives and simplify healthcare for the Louisianans we are privileged to serve.”

LiveHealth Online video sessions offer a private, secure alternative for accessing non-emergency medical care in English or Spanish. It is a convenient way to get quality care for common health conditions such as coughs, colds, cuts, bruises, sprains, strains and other non-emergency/non-life threatening issues. It also expands options for accessing behavioral health resources, which may be a challenge to access. In addition, if needed, prescriptions and/or prescription refills can be provided by board-certified doctors and be sent directly to a member’s pharmacy of choice. After each LiveHealth Online session, a summary of the visit is available and may be forwarded by the patient to his or her primary care doctor to support continuity of care and collaboration among healthcare providers.

To take advantage of this benefit, consumers can simply log on to or download the LiveHealth Online mobile app, register and talk to a doctor without an appointment or long wait times. Visits with psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists require appointments, and can be conducted seven days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays. Additionally, Healthy Blue Medicaid members who speak Spanish have the option to visit with Spanish-speaking doctors and clinicians by using LiveHealth Online’s Cuidado Médico option. Cuidado Médico doctor visits are available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time, 365-days a year, including holidays. To learn more about Cuidado Médico, please visit

“Healthy Blue’s rollout of LiveHealth Online empowers our members by giving them a choice in how, when and where they receive health care,” said Dr. Cheryll Bowers-Stephens, medical director, Healthy Blue. “This benefit provides access to services for those who do not have reliable access to transportation or may have mobility challenges, as well as those who are experiencing non-emergency or non-life threatening issues late in the evening, over the weekend, or during a holiday when the only other option is seeking care in an emergency room. It is a solution when people have to shelter in place or when displaced in times of crisis. Also, this benefit comes without having to worry about out-of-pocket costs or unexpected medical bills.”

To learn more about LiveHealth Online or to register and access telehealth services, consumers can visit

About Healthy Blue

Healthy Blue is a managed healthcare provider that has been serving the state since 2012, and currently serves the state’s Medicaid, Medicaid Expansion and LaCHIP programs. Healthy Blue recognizes the challenges low-income and underserved individuals face, and tailors its programs such that health plan members are assured care that is not only accessible, but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated and patient-centered. Healthy Blue provides ongoing community relations and outreach to encourage members to become active participants in their healthcare. Also, through health education programs, members are empowered to choose and sustain healthy lifestyles. To learn more about Healthy Blue, visit