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New Lawpilot Guardian App Helps Calm Fears of ICE Raids

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During threats of arrests or ICE raids, undocumented immigrants now have a tool at their disposal–Lawpilot Guardian app, the only app on the market that alerts their families and attorneys during a legal crisis.

As President Trump continues to announce upcoming ICE raids, fear sweeps through immigrant communities even though no evidence of a widespread sweep has been reported and so far only 35+ arrests have been made. To calm these fears and build an alliance with their lawyers, this new mobile technology allows users to feel protected and in control.

The fact is, these unprecedented presidential announcements put undocumented immigrants on edge and they can’t help but feel trepidation about impending deportation. Except for news of neighbors forming a human chain in Ohio or attorneys issuing a list of actions to take in case of an ICE raid, few technology-based resources exist to aid people during encounters with law enforcement officials–until Lawpilot Guardian.

Emergency Response Alert App

Lawpilot Guardian is an innovative mobile emergency app developed by Martin Valko and Nick Chavez, two enterprising lawyers from Dallas. “After practicing immigration law for a combined 30+ years, we thought there needed to be a way to make technology work for immigrant communities in times of crises, where people have access to an attorney, literally in their pockets,” said Valko.

“So we set out on a journey to build this app where with a single tap on their phones, our clients can notify their families, friends, and attorneys of their emergency. It includes GPS coordinates and provides recorded audio of the encounter.”

Educating Immigrants with ‘Know Your Rights’ Library

To further educate users with knowledge of their constitutional rights and duties when it comes to ICE raids and police stops, the founders of Lawpilot Guardian added a library of resources into their app.

“It is critical we not just provide a way to protect the immigrant community, but to also educate through a Know Your Rights (KYR) library,” stated Valko. “In this KYR library, we provide specific instructions on what one should do if pulled over or encounter a raid in their homes or workplaces. Additionally, this app can protect citizens on college campuses, in domestic violence situations and in public spaces.”

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