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New Mexico Enhances Data Program with Tyler Technologies’ Socrata Solution

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Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) announced today that the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and its Judicial Information Division launched a statewide data project to improve the criminal justice system and enhance public safety.

New Mexico’s data sharing platform, powered by Tyler’s Socrata Connected Government Cloud™, gives law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, jails, and other governmental agencies the ability to share data that can assist with decision-making and allow them to operate more efficiently.

The platform supports the state’s 13 Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils, 33 counties, all law enforcement and corrections agencies, the New Mexico Sentencing Commission, courts, public defenders, district attorneys, behavioral health agencies, probation compliance programs and agencies involved in adult, family and child welfare. Users now have a central platform for accessing, sharing and analyzing data that they have collected and stored in their own networks.

“New Mexico is undergoing a statewide justice reform effort focused on enabling criminal justice agencies to share and use data more effectively,” said Zach Grant, data integration program manager for the New Mexico Sentencing Commission. “This project represents a huge step in the right direction and should help justice partners reduce costs, improve service, inform policy decisions, and ultimately improve safety.”

The Sentencing Commission is funding the first-year pilot of the data-sharing program through a crime reduction grant made possible under newly enacted legislation, House Bill 267. State leaders are taking an evidence-based approach to governing with the new law, which aims to formalize data-sharing agreements in a streamlined and efficient way. Even more, the law is intended to provide a foundation for advanced analysis and data visualizations. New Mexico will use the data made available through the platform to help guide decisions on its criminal justice system.

“Our high-level goals are to improve efficiency, improve safety, and provide better justice-related services to the public,” said Pat Mente, acting chief technology officer for the New Mexico Judiciary. “By improving access to data and its usability, the state can focus on building context around data and forming a robust open data program for the public.”

New Mexico joins Idaho State Supreme Court, the state of Texas, and state of Maryland by using Socrata to connect data to achieve government missions, serve the public more effectively, and provide opportunities for greater operational efficiencies.

The state’s platform offers built-in analytics and will support New Mexico’s efforts to promote open data. It will serve as a secure and centralized data repository for New Mexico’s criminal justice partners. Tyler’s extensible cloud-based, data sharing platform, which was built specifically for governments, streamlines data governance and self-service access across organizations.

“Data is at the heart of addressing issues around criminal justice, but much of this data is siloed across court systems and law enforcement agencies,” said Franklin Williams, president of Tyler’s Data & Insights Division. “By bringing this information together securely with Socrata and New Mexico’s data platform, its leaders can create safer communities, more efficient courts, and better outcomes in the justice system.”

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