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New PCB-Mount Current Transducer From Danisense Features High Stability and Accuracy

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Danisense, the leader in high-accuracy current transducers for demanding applications, has launched its ultra-stable, high-precision DP series of PCB-mount current transducers for isolated DC and AC current measurement up to 72A. With a footprint of 64.9 x 60mm, a height of 32mm and light weight of 250g, this compact device is suitable for 1U power supplies and other space-constrained applications.

Benefitting from Danisense’s closed-loop, compensated Fluxgate technology which provides a fixed excitation frequency and second harmonic zero flux detection for best in class accuracy and stability, DP series PCB-mount current transducers feature a maximum linearity error of 10 ppm and a measurement resistance of up to 100Ω at full scale. Devices are programmable for 12,5A, 25A, or 50A usage via the PCB layout.

Applications include MPS for particle accelerators, stable power supplies, precision drives, battery-testing and evaluation systems, power measurement and power analysis. Comments Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director, Danisense A/S: “Our technology has enabled us to deliver a PCB-mount current transducer with class-leading stability and accuracy. Its small size and low weight make it possible to include such high-performance measurement functionality on the PCB for the first time.”

DANISENSE: Precision – Innovation

By combining complex magnetic performance with advanced electronics Danisense provides efficient and precise solutions that match the requirements of worldwide customers in demanding industries. Danisense was founded in 2012 and today is based in Denmark and Japan. The company’s founders and key employees are highly-experienced and possess specialized knowledge about high precision current transducers, enabling Danisense to create solutions that enable its customers to quickly and easy measure AC and DC currents with accuracies down to 1ppm. Its products are of the highest quality and have an extremely flat frequency response and outstanding DC stability.