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New Report Highlights a Broad, Diverse Group of Classical Music Fans and the Genre’s High Engagement with Digital Streaming

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Leading classical music streaming service IDAGIO
has released “The Classical Music Market: Streaming’s Next Genre?”.
Conducted by media insights and analysis provider MIDiA
, the comprehensive white paper dives deep into the
classical music market, analyzing classical music fans across eight
major music markets including the US, UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark,
Sweden, Mexico and South Korea. The paper explores not just the
classical music market, but also the listening trends and behaviors of
classical music listeners around the world. With the report finding that
classical music listeners are currently among the most engaged, it
dispels some common myths about who classical music fans are and
explores how streaming is enticing a new generation of listeners from
across the globe to the genre.

Often considered a niche category, the study found that classical
music in fact ranks as the fourth most popular music genre worldwide
The report suggested that 35% of the global adult population listens to
classical music – the same percentage as country music and a higher
percentage than R&B or hip hop. It also found that classical music is
not just consumed by older generations, as clichés tend to suggest, but
that the genre is increasingly finding its way to younger audiences
around the world with 30% of listeners under the age of 35 and 31% aged
between 25 and 34.

Mark Mulligan, Managing Director at MIDiA Research, said:
“There is often an assumption that classical music is for an older,
traditional audience that doesn’t enjoy other forms of music, but that
is simply not the case. Our research revealed that while there are
certainly more traditional classical music fans, there is also a new
wave of youthful and digitally savvy consumers, who listen to classical
music as part of a wide range of interests and tastes. Streaming is
helping create a new generation of classical music fans, capturing the
attention of these new millennial music consumers, and the industry is
seeing that classical music is likely to see a significant shift as more
younger consumers discover the genre.”

Till Janczukowicz, Founder and CEO of IDAGIO: “This
research points to a fruitful and prosperous future for audiences,
artists and for classical music as a genre. For some time, the death of
classical music was a popular story to tell. Evidence was often
anecdotal and based on observations of white-haired concert goers in
western concert venues. Numbers have proven such bias wrong. Streaming
plays a key role in shaping the future of classical music and in
introducing the genre to new audiences across the globe.”

This study found that streaming plays a crucial part in generating
new audiences for classical music
, especially with features such as
‘mood-based’ playlists. The streaming potential of classical music is
highlighted by the fact that almost half of adults who stream classical
music consider it to be a great way to listen to the genre and one in
five classical music listeners prefer a dedicated classical music
streaming service over a service that offers all genres. Streaming is
becoming a key way of how listeners find new music, with 42% of
listeners stating that they are discovering music through streaming

Overall, the study found that the outlook for classical music is
bright, with technologies such as streaming ushering in a new wave of
listeners and habits
. The full findings of the report can be
downloaded in the white paper HERE.
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IDAGIO is the leading streaming service for classical music. Crafted in
Berlin by a world-class team of over 90 passionate experts in music,
technology, business and design, IDAGIO offers a search tailor-made for
classical music, a catalogue of over 2 million licensed tracks, and
exclusive recordings and playlists – all available in CD-quality sound
(FLAC). IDAGIO has subscribers in over 190 countries and the app has
been downloaded more than 1.5 million times worldwide. The company is
managed by founder Till Janczukowicz and co-founder Christoph Lange.
Together the duo combines long experience of the classical world with
first-rate expertise in streaming technology.

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** This study was put together by MIDiA Research from an online
consumer survey of 8,000 adult music consumers across eight markets: the
USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico and South Korea.
Additionally, MIDiA’s 2018 market models were used to calculate market
values and trends for the classical genre. This work was commissioned by
IDAGIO, the leading streaming service for classical music with over 1.5
million app downloads globally and paying subscribers in over 190
countries worldwide.