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New Study Finds Majority of Americans Would Support Another Stay-at-Home Order Given Second Wave of COVID-19 in Fall or Winter 2020

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GALE has released its latest study, “Reopening Attitudes Report,” in the wake of economies reopening across the United States. In it, GALE reveals how Americans are feeling about reopening the economy, and sheds light on behaviors and attitudes across generations and genders regarding travel, retail, finance, gaming, childcare, sports, entertainment, and more, as well as how those sentiments might carry over to the post-isolation “new normal.” The most recorded emotion across respondents about reopening was “cautious” (66%); unsurprisingly, Boomers with preexisting conditions (e.g. health risk factors such as heart conditions, immunocompromised, asthmatic, etc.) were the most cautious group (72%).

Boomers and the Status Quo

Boomer males showed they adopted the least amount of new habits and activities during isolation, with 45% saying they would do none of the activities listed after isolation ends, such as video chat with friends and family, order food or groceries for delivery, exercise at home, do arts, crafts or creative projects, and more. On going back to the office, 70% of respondents believe people should return to their workplace by September, including about a quarter of respondents who said “right now.”

Women Still Carry the Most Burden

With families confined to the four walls of a home, nearly 40% of Millennial and Gen X moms gave their children more screen time during isolation. Still, the data from female responses indicates they’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis at greater levels than men: 70% percent said they primarily took on childcare duties. And while 36% of men indicated they and their spouse took on caregiving duties equally, only 16% of women said the same.

A Second Wave

As the country grapples with varying levels of openness alongside spikes in infection rates, the majority of respondents (72%) support another stay-at-home order should a second wave of COVID-19 occur this fall or winter. Gen X was the least agreeable group, with over a third (37%) saying they would not support one. Of all respondents who said they would not support another stay-at-home order: Millennials and Gen Z say they want to go back to their normal life (40%), and stay-at-home orders infringe on their freedom (37%).

Travel Plans Still in Flux, But 2020 Could See a Road-Trip Resurgence

People are still concerned about traveling, with nearly two-thirds (65%) noting they won’t be taking trips by plane this year. Of those who are unsure or will not travel by plane this year, close proximity to other fliers, the cleanliness of planes and crowded airports were the highest concern factors. That said, about 62% are considering a vacation or recreational trip by car this year.

GALE conducted this study with responses from 900 Americans 18+. Responses were collected in June 2020 and include U.S. consumer sentiments on various topics such as post-COVID lifestyle changes, travel plans, childcare arrangements, emotions around businesses reopening, and more. This study touches on many verticals, including retail, finance, gaming, childcare, sports, entertainment, and more.

Additional key findings can be found here.

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