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New Technology from Progress Bridges the Gap Between Design and Development

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(NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and
digital experience technologies, today announced the preview of
Progress® Unite UX™, the first-of-its-kind solution to bring design and
development together by integrating with existing design tools to
quickly and automatically translate design into pixel-perfect front-end

The UX designer is a critical part of any modern application development
team and needs to work hand in hand with developers. However, designers
and developers use different tools, creating challenges in this
collaboration. The output from design can range from screenshots to
snippets which developers must then translate to working code. This
often results in a slow time to market, with many iterations back and
forth between designers and developers, and a resulting UX that often
does not match the intended design.

Progress Unite UX accelerates team productivity and delivers a
true-to-intent UX with an innovative roundtrip workflow between
designers and developers. It combines plug-ins and libraries to popular
design tools, creating guidelines for designers to work within. Design
files are exported to a “MetaBridge” file structure that is then opened
in Unite UX Studio, which translates the MetaBridge to either Angular or
React front-end code. Unite UX is architected to generate code to a
variety of popular frameworks, with additional framework engines

With Progress Unite UX, designers can:

  • Use Existing Design Tools: Work in the design tool of your
    choice, whether Sketch, Adobe XD or something else, Unite UX extends
    these tools with Progress® Kendo UI® design libraries and an
    extensible custom component wizard, enabling the freedom to design
    with confidence.
  • Collaborate: With the roundtrip capabilities of Unite UX, send
    designs to teammates and any suggested changes made by developers can
    then be brought back into the design tool, minimizing versioning
    challenges, providing consistency across the design and development,
    and shortening costly, time consuming review cycles.
  • Turn Pixel-Perfect Design to Code: Instantly transform designed
    screens into fully-functional, pixel-perfect web applications. Hook
    into data, quickly set properties for components, make layout
    adjustments and choose your target output framework.
  • Pick from Any Framework: Choose between a variety of output
    frameworks with initial support for Angular and React, and eventually
    frameworks like Vue.JS and Blazor.
  • Extend in Code: Developers have the ability to completely
    customize the front-end and business logic to meet the business’ exact

“Currently, design, development and business stakeholders all speak
different languages across fragmented toolsets. This fragmentation leads
to slow iterations and wasted cycles, and ultimately results in a
disparity between what is designed and what gets developed,” said Faris
Sweis, SVP & General Manager Developer Tooling Business, Progress. “With
Progress Unite UX, all of that drama comes to an end. Our technology
breaks down technology barriers and drives efficiency and effectiveness.
It’s the first tool available to truly bring together design and
development into a cohesive, synergistic team, driving outputs everyone
can be proud of.”

To learn more or to sign up for the preview waitlist, go to

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