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Nexa3D Expands Commercial Shipment of NXE400 in North America

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Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast production 3D printers, announced today that it is boosting commercial shipments of its NXE400 printers in North America through Dynamism, a world leader in additive manufacturing solutions and services. The company plans to showcase its expanded portfolio of printers and materials at CES 2020, 7-10 January 2020, at the Dynamism booth #31406 in the 3D printing area, South Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.

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NXE400 With Different Parts (Photo: Business Wire)

NXE400 With Different Parts (Photo: Business Wire)

“We are very excited to display the NXE400’s capacities live at CES 2020,” said Izhar Medalsy, Nexa3D chief operating officer. “The NXE400 delivers an improvement in overall printing speeds that changes the way we think about printing in the same way internet access did with the move from dial-up to broadband. The technology is a game changer, and you can see for yourself as we print live throughout CES at a production throughput of 1000 parts per hour.”

Live printing demonstrations of the NXE400 will be throughout CES, 7-10 January 2020, at the Dynamism booth #31406 in the 3D printing area, South Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. Click here for the Nexa3D media kit.

“In addition to rapidly scaling commercial deliveries around the world, we were also able to increase our build volume 25% over our advertised specifications to 19 liters at speeds of up to 1Z centimeter per minute,“ said Medalsy. “At CES, we will display five new materials for the NXE400 including ABS plastics, high temperature plastics, rigid tooling for wind tunnel application and several general-purpose plastics for prototyping, tooling and dental molds and aligners. The NXE400’s total cycle time is 60X faster for producing functional parts, creating total cycle times that are minutes instead of hours.”

“We are proud to make the NXE400 available to customers throughout North America,” said Douglas Krone, founder and CEO, Dynamism, and industry leader and buyers’ choice in additive manufacturing. “Dynamism is committed to delivering the top AM tools to our customers as the seek to transform their operations to production-scale additive manufacturing. Nexa3D is a valuable tool to our customers who are looking to offer a whole new level of productivity to their operations.”

Nexa3D has grown its reseller network globally with 30 world-class distributors as its sales and service partners around the world. The company has already received 200 purchase orders for its ultrafast 3D printer. With plans to triple its global sales network through 2020, the company is rapidly scaling operations to ultrafast industrial printers with best-in breed performance materials at attractive cost of ownership to replace tens of thousands of older legacy stereolithography printers.

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