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NextGen RF Announces Distribution Partnership with DataRemote, Inc.

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NextGen RF, a leading design and manufacturing company, today announced they have signed a partnership agreement with DataRemote, Inc., a pioneer in the industrial market since 1991 offering business and channel partners wireless solutions. Similar to NextGen RF, DataRemote has a long history with the CalAmp®Guardian™, Viper SC+™, and Viper SC+ BaseStation™. The ability to provide cutting-edge technology uniquely positions DataRemote to continue to lead our 5-star customer success initiatives in the future.

Following the acquisition of the three product lines from CalAmp®, including Guardian™, Viper SC+™ and Viper SC+ Base Station™, NextGen RF pursued a strategic approach for market growth. This agreement will allow DataRemote to continue to address its domestic clients and begin an exclusive distribution model internationally.

NextGen has expanded its business beyond design and manufacturing services by incorporating these proprietary products into its offering and the partnership with DataRemote will allow for the company to grow their product line in a natural way.

The 10-year plus design partnership between NextGen RF and CalAmp® expanded over the past year when CalAmp® selected NextGen RF to become the contract manufacturer, as well as provide RMA service for the Guardian™ and Viper SC+™ products. Allowing these products into the NextGen RF family allows for continued sustainability with the current portfolio and the ability to revive and improve the high quality, ruggedized radio products for the current and future customer base. This partnership allows for the same approach from a sales and support perspective for new and existing customers.

About NextGen RF

NextGen RF is a USA owned and operated engineering services company providing valuable wireless design expertise on a variety of products, ranging from design consultation to fully turnkey product development and manufacturing. For more information, visit

About DataRemote, Inc.

Founded in 1991, DataRemote offers businesses and channel partners a wide range of wireless solutions. As a pioneer in the telecommunications market DataRemote uses cutting-edge technology to tailor solutions any customer needs across a range of diverse applications. For more information, visit