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NGD Systems Earns 30th Patent

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NGD Systems, Inc., the world leader in Computational Storage, today announced its 30th patent awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); the company also has submitted additional patents that are pending. The latest patents include a power-efficient method and system for executing host data-processing tasks during data retention operations in a storage device. NGD Systems has spent the last six years developing and deploying solutions that solve customer data storage issues by radically reducing the data movement required to analyze mass data sets and the strain on customer infrastructure.

Since achieving its first patent in August 2014, NGD has gone on to create the storage industry’s most innovative technology, including the largest capacity and most power-efficient NVMe Computational Storage Drives (CSDs). The world’s most advanced CSDs, enable customers by delivering compute resources to the stored data. These NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) based products dramatically reduce both latency and the power required to deliver results and value from massive data sets nearly instantly. Customers can derive meaningful answers more effectively with applications, such as Hadoop or AI related needs, in near real-time, based on their customer-facing service level agreements (SLA), without having to add acceleration specific hardware.

NGD’s new patent makes it possible to combine the execution of a query with other operations, such as a data-retention scan, in a storage device, when the execution of the query is not time-sensitive. The storage device may be connected to a host and may operate during intervals of time in a power-save mode. When a host receives a query that is not time-sensitive, the query may be stored in the host or in the storage device until the device would otherwise return to a normal operating mode, at which time the query may be executed.

NGD was also awarded its 29th patent for a system and method for adaptive multiple read of not and (NAND) flash, which showcases its focus on both Computational Storage Services (CSSes) as well as standard NVMe SSD needs in a single device.

“Innovation is in our DNA, at NGD, we’re focused on being a major pioneer in the enterprise storage space since we founded the company. We were the first company to offer ‘in-situ’ processing in a commercially available product.” said Vladimir Alves, CTO and co-founder of NGD Systems. “We continue to excel at generating innovation and IP, and have registered 30 patents in just six years, a feat that showcases our commitment to delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions to solve real-world problems faced today in hyperscale, edge and CDN environments.”

About NGD Systems

NGD Systems manufactures the world’s most advanced computational storage drives (CSDs) that allow customers to compute anywhere. The company provides the industry’s highest capacity NVMe CSDs that are the most power efficient while delivered in the smallest and most demanded form factor. Its products deliver compute resources to the data to dramatically reduce latency and the power required to deliver information from massive data sets nearly instantly. This enables customers to deliver results, like Hadoop acceleration or AI execution based on their customer facing service level agreements without requiring added hardware (GPU, FPGA, or other accelerating solutions). NGD System’s technology is ideal for edge computing networks, data-intensive AI/ML applications, stringent SLA environments, content delivery networks (CDNs) and hyperscale environments. Founded in 2013, with headquarters in Irvine, Calif. the company’s vision is to fundamentally change the IT Industry by bringing compute to data – with high capacity computational storage solutions that will scale to meet the quadrupling of data, and in form factors small enough to compute anywhere. For more information, please visit