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NH Court Orders Insurance Department to Stop Action Against Aliera Companies: Finds Aliera “Likely to Succeed on the Merits,” That Department “Violated State and Federal Constitutions”

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As the New Hampshire Union Leader reported on September 22nd, a Merrimack County Superior Court judge sided with the Aliera Companies and Trinity HealthShare in ordering a halt of New Hampshire Insurance Department administrative proceedings against the company and its health care sharing ministry client.

The Court found that the Aliera Companies and Trinity HealthShare proved the following five factors required by law to grant injunctive relief: 1) the petitioner faces immediate danger of irreparable harm; 2) the petitioner has no adequate remedy at law; 3) the petitioner faces greater hardship than the respondent; 4) the public interest will not be adversely affected if the injunction is granted; and 5) the petitioner is likely to succeed on the merits.

“Constitutional law protects our country’s citizens against regulatory overreach and religious discrimination, and we are elated the court continues to uphold this important tradition,” said Aliera CEO, Shelley Steele. “We’re pleased by the court’s finding that we are likely to succeed on the merits of our case and that the public interest will not be adversely affected by stopping the Department’s actions against us.”

Among the Court’s most important findings was its conclusion that “the Plaintiffs have established a likelihood of success on the merits of their argument that, by discriminating against Trinity for the content of its faith-based convictions, the Department has facially violated the State and Federal Constitutions.”

“Health care sharing ministries provide a legitimate health care option for the citizens of New Hampshire and beyond, and these religious organizations deserve protection under the laws and constitution of New Hampshire and the United States,” said Aliera President, Chase Moses.

Though the Aliera Companies and its clients, in this case, Trinity HealthShare, are entirely separate entities and do not share leadership, operating funds, office spaces or otherwise, the company (Aliera) does feel it has a genuine responsibility to protect the rights of health care sharing ministries (HCSMs) and the religious freedoms of the citizens of New Hampshire and beyond.

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