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NIC Maine Partners With State of Maine to Offer Online Absentee Ballot Request Service for General Election

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Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is pleased to announce the Online Absentee Ballot Request Service is now available for the Nov. 3 general election.

The Maine Elections Division and the state’s digital solutions partner, NIC Maine, have improved the design of the online service to make options easier to read and understand. In addition, Secretary Dunlap is adding an option for voters to request an accessible absentee ballot, which will allow voters with disabilities to cast their ballots privately and independently. The accessible voting option is still under development and will go live in September.

“We are thrilled at the improvements made to the Online Absentee Ballot Request Service,” said Dan Andrews, General Manager of NIC Maine. “Voting is an essential right for all Americans, and to be able to aid the State and Maine citizens in exercising that right is a source of pride for NIC Maine.”

Any registered Maine voter may choose to vote absentee, either via mail or in-person at their town or city hall prior to election day. Voters do not need to provide a reason to vote absentee.

The online service provides an email notification with a confirmation number. When the request is processed and accepted by the municipal clerk, the voter will receive additional notification and the ballot will arrive by mail. All Maine municipalities are required to accept electronic requests for absentee ballots. Voters can also print out the form and mail or hand-deliver it to their municipal clerk.

Voters must submit absentee ballot requests or vote in-person absentee at least three business days prior to the Nov. 3 election. Municipal clerks receive the ballots 30 days prior to the election and will then send to voters who have requested them. This will begin in early October.

If you have questions about the absentee voting process in Maine, visit the Department of Secretary of State Absentee Voter Information webpage or call the Division of Elections at 207-624-7650.

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