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No Excuses – The “First Line of Defense” for Cloud Security is Now Available at Your Fingertips!

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Cavirin announces the launch of its SaaS ‘First Line of Defense’ service.

Building the “First Line of Defense” for your AWS, GCP, and Azure accounts is now as simple as signing up for Cavirin SaaS and selecting the appropriate one-click policy packs.

“There is just no excuse at this point for lack of secOps for business-critical public cloud deployments. Anyone not having robust configuration checks for encryption, access controls, boundary controls, and logging for their important customer/business data, needs to invest in a cloud security service today. In our field experience, we have found a lack of cloud security operational practices all too common. We have also found a misconception of equating cloud or devOps automation (terraform scripts) with secure resources/assets in the cloud.” Says Nisha Agarwal, VP, GTM, and Products, Cavirin Systems.

Standards for cloud ‘controls’ across AWS, GCP, and Azure services are slowly developing. The Cavirin service offers CIS policy packs for AWS, GCP, and Azure. However, these standards are currently relatively sparse, leaving out critical services and checks. The Cavirin authored policies fill this vital gap, covering a broad range of common services. These core policies map to a host of security and compliance standards – NIST, HIPAA, and PCI.

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About Cavirin

Cavirin, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is a privately held global provider of risk, cybersecurity, and compliance posture intelligence for the hybrid cloud. We are committed to helping customers build their “First Line of Defense” via robust configurations across key cloud services and workloads. For further details, please visit: