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Noction Flow Analyzer Launches Out of Beta

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Noction Inc., a provider of cutting edge network optimization and traffic visibility technologies, today announced that the Noction Flow Analyzer, its IP flow analytics platform, gets out of the Beta stage as the commercial launch takes its place.

Noction Flow Analyzer (NFA) is a web-based network traffic analysis, monitoring and alerting tool, capable of ingesting NetFlow, sFlow, NetStream and BGP data. The product enables engineers to optimize their networks and applications performance, control bandwidth utilization, do the proper network capacity planning, perform detailed BGP peering analysis, improve security, and minimize network incidents response time.

The product has achieved widespread interest and rapidly growing adoption since the first Beta commit. It has matured and evolved into a state of the art network analytics system, actively used by hundreds of companies worldwide.

What’s changing?

The Noction Flow Analyzer Open Beta program is now transitioning into a paid subscription product with a flat price of $299/month (up to 10k FPS) and the $199/month BGP Add-on. As initially envisioned, there is no limit on the number of devices, interfaces, or sites that can be added to the system. Free updates to new releases and premium 24/7 support are also available to all NFA users.

“We’ve built NFA to make quality network analytics accessible and available to all, regardless of company’s budget, number of network devices or locations, with the freedom to start and stop using the analyzer at any time,” said John Strong, CEO at Noction.Inc. “We’re now able to offer this high-grade NetFlow analysis system at an extremely affordable price because we’ve built it from the ground up.”

Companies and researchers can learn more about NFA and sign up for a 30-day Free Trial at

About Noction

Noction is an independent industry-leading technology company with the main area of expertise in network traffic analysis and BGP network performance automation, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the maximum network performance for business-critical applications such as e-commerce, VoIP, and media streaming across IP networks. For more information, visit