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Noction Releases IRP v3.10.7 and the IRP Global Management Interface

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Noction Inc., a provider of cutting edge network optimization and traffic analysis technologies, today announced the release of IRP v 3.10.7 and the immediate availability of its new IRP Global Management Interface (GMI) product.

GMI, featuring a modern and intuitive frontend, is a single pane of glass interface that allows administrators to manage multiple Noction Intelligent Routing Platform instances and get access to various data and statistics for those instances from one, easy to access application.

Administrators now have one place to:

  • Monitor and configure multiple IRP instances;
  • Get comprehensive distributed networks’ performance analytics;
  • Facilitate network troubleshooting;
  • Automatically manage bandwidth levels for provider groups from various points of presence using the Global Commit feature.

The GMI’s new Global Commit feature

Many companies nowadays have contractual agreements with ISPs that impose an overall limitation on bandwidth usage regardless of the number of connection links or geographic locations. However, measuring and managing bandwidth levels in such cases can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

Here’s where the GMI’s Global Commit feature comes in handy. Multiple links to a specific ISP or multiple ISPs from various Points of Presence can now be grouped together with the predefined bandwidth usage thresholds levels. Once such global provider groups are configured, the system will automatically control and shape their bandwidth levels, ensuring that the contractual agreements with ISPs get respected at all times, and there are never any unexpected overages, regardless of where and how you are connected.

“As the size and complexity of the WANs grow, administrators come under great pressure to deliver flawless network end-user experience. Moreso, they are expected to always stay in the know of all the network operation details for all the distributed locations,” said John Strong, CEO at Noction. “With GMI, engineers can gain valuable real-time network performance optimization insights and configure multiple IRP instances from one user-friendly application.”

About Noction

Noction is an independent industry-leading technology company with the main area of expertise in network traffic analysis and BGP network performance automation, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the maximum network performance for business-critical applications such as e-commerce, VoIP, and media streaming across IP networks. For more information, visit