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NOR Expands MCInfo Insurance Filing Services to Washington

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National Online Registries, LLC (NOR) has added service to the Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo) system for users to electronically file insurance forms to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC). Washington is the 23rd state accepting forms created online through MCInfo.

“We are excited to enable users to efficiently submit and track insurance filings to Washington using MCInfo,” said Laura Johnson, General Manager of NOR. “MCInfo now automatically forwards common intrastate motor carrier insurance form filings to the UTC.”

MCInfo users can generate and submit three forms to Washington through MCInfo:

  • Form E: Uniform Motor Carrier Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Certification of Insurance
  • Form H: Uniform Motor Carrier Cargo Certificate of Insurance
  • Form K: Uniform Notice of Cancellation of Motor Carrier Insurance Policies

Later this year, NOR will partner with the Washington Department of Licensing to offer options to file high-risk personal auto insurance forms SR-22 and SR-26 through MCInfo.

MCInfo speeds up the submission process and increases transparency by providing visibility and tracking of insurance filings through the approval process. Automatic data population helps save time and prevent data entry errors when submitting multiple forms at once. Currently, MCInfo users can complete and file 16 forms through the system.

For participating states, MCInfo provides a centralized system to receive and review insurance filings, automatically communicate with insurance companies, and track trends and progress via the reporting feature.

For more information, contact MCInfo Customer Support at (703) 841-6374 or at To sign up, visit

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