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Northforge Innovations Licenses and Supports Broadcom OMCI Framework

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Northforge Innovations, Inc., an expert software consulting and development company, today announced that it is now licensing and supporting the Broadcom OMCI (ONU Management Control Interface) framework, allowing Broadcom customers who are building OLT (Optical Line Termination) solutions or creating derivative products to bring their solutions to market faster.

Northforge can help customers who are building an OLT solution with the new Broadcom BCM68650 (Aspen) SoC, or its predecessor, the BCM68620 (Maple). Northforge can create a derivative product, including Managed Entities (ME), by integrating and/or customizing their OMCI framework.

Out of the box, the OMCI framework enables customers to quickly create a prototype and demonstrate traffic flow through the ONUs and the OLT. However, deployments with large service providers typically require support for more complex and customized use cases. Examples include multiple T-CONTs, extended message formats, 64-bit performance monitoring counters at 10Gbps speeds, or flexible VLAN handling for Ethernet business services.

“Northforge has extensive OMCI expertise and can customize the ONU management module to meet each customer’s specific needs,” said Brenda Pastorek, President and Chief Operating Officer of Northforge Innovations. “We have the experience with Broadcom OLT solutions, both in the SDN and traditional OLT context, that enables us to give Broadcom customers both the expertise for their project and the scalability for their product. We will fit the Broadcom OMCI stack with each customer’s requirements.”

In addition, Northforge has been collaborating with Broadcom, a leading designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of analog and digital semiconductor connectivity solutions, to provide Broadcom customers a high level of service. Northforge is a Broadcom Authorized Development Collaborator (ADC) for the StrataDNX™ line of switch system-on-chip (SoC) devices. We also have the expertise to support StrataXGS®, BroadPTP™, BroadSync™, and Broadcom PLP products.

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