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NovoPayment Accelerates Digital Payments in Latin America and the Caribbean with Visa Direct and Token Services

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NovoPayment, a Visa Ready fintech partner and leading banking as a service (BaaS) enabler of digital financial and transactional services, today announced that they can now scale the deployment of Visa Direct for instant payments, P2P and P2M payments, account-to-account payments, fast funds and mass payouts, as well as the use of Visa Token Services. The measure currently provides issuers, acquirers and merchants improved time-to-market in the adoption of key Visa solutions via APIs.

“The new API delivery models enabled by NovoPayment provide Visa’s clients and partners another means of adopting key solutions and embedding them into new use cases,” said Ruben Salazar, Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions at Visa Latin America and the Caribbean. “This is particularly important for the growth of Visa Direct in the region, which has the potential of truly transforming the way funds are transferred amongst consumers, businesses, and governments in Latin America,” he added.

As a Visa Ready fintech partner and certified Visa Direct and Visa Token Service provider, NovoPayment extends Visa’s capabilities into emerging payments use cases such as digital account origination, super wallets, and instant and proximity payments via easily consumable APIs.

“Our ability to provide modular or full-stack capabilities, and the combination of our more than 100 APIs with others from Visa, streamlines the creation of new value chains, providing a better experience for issuers, acquirers and digital merchants,” said Anabel Perez, co-founder and CEO of NovoPayment, adding, “Digital payments via Visa Direct and Visa Tokenization Services is a major time-saver and critical component of providing the kinds of frictionless and secure payment alternatives that today’s consumer and commercial customers demand.”

These developments are part of Visa and NovoPayment’s strategic partnership agreement to accelerate the adoption of digital payment solutions and create new commerce experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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