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NRGene Introduces New Product to Provide Whole Genome Assembly at Significantly Lower Cost

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a worldwide leader in genomic analysis for research and agricultural
breeding, announced today the launch of DeNovoMAX – a new product that
aims to empower breeding and maximize agricultural yield as part of the
Denovo assembly product suite offered by the company. The product is now
available for the majority of popular homozygote genomes.

DeNovoMAX is a lean version of the legacy DeNovoMAGIC platform, which
has been cited many times in scientific literature due to the high
quality of results it generates. The two assembly products complement
one another. DeNovoMAGIC relies on high coverage to provide a
full-service genome assembly to all organisms at the highest standard of
results (regardless of complexity), whereas DeNovoMAX maximizes
efficiency by using a leaner library setup with minimal compromise in
quality. DeNovoMax is designed to meet the applicative genomics needs of
professional breeders and will be offered to the most popular homozygote
species such as wheat, tobacco, tomato, pepper, cotton, corn, soybean,
sunflower and more.

“With DeNovoMAGIC and DeNovoMAX, breeders can now access the best
full-service genome assemblies at a price competitive with self-made
genomes, at a much greater flexibility,” says Gil Ronen, Ph.D.,
president and founder of NRGene. “Using NRGene’s turn-key genome
assembly solutions, the research community can focus its efforts on
accomplishing work that has real-world impact – developing new varieties
and producing healthier food in higher quality and quantity.”

As a result of NRGene’s data production optimizations and cutting-edge
sequencing technologies such as Illumina’s NovaSeq, DeNovoMax is
available at a significant price reduction. The cost-effectiveness and
potential for high-quality assembly has been shown on wheat, the most
widely cultivated crop. NRGene managed to successfully assemble, at
reference quality level, the 16 GB-sized genome of common wheat (also
known as bread wheat) at less than half the cost of former wheat
assembly projects.

Furthermore, NRGene will also offer the option to include Pac-Bio long
reads into its assembly on both DeNovo products. This addition will
improve contiguity and will complement NRGene’s high end short-read
based solution.

About NRGene

NRGene is a genomics company that provides turn-key solutions to leading
breeding companies. Using advanced algorithmics & extensive proprietary
databases, we empower breeders to reach their full potential by
achieving stronger and more productive yields in record time. NRGene’s
tools have already been implemented by some of the leading agribiotech
companies worldwide, as well as the most influential research teams in
academia. NRGene is headquartered in Ness Ziona, Israel with an office
in San Diego.

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