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NS1 Launches DDI for Modern Distributed Enterprise Application Infrastructure

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the leader in next generation DNS and application traffic management
solutions, today announced its new Enterprise
DDI solution
. Designed for modern distributed application-centric
computing infrastructure, NS1 Enterprise DDI reduces the friction and
complexity of deploying and delivering applications across a diverse mix
of multi-cloud,
edge and on-premise environments.

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NS1 Enterprise DDI offers a single management plane that eliminates the need for network teams to ju ...

NS1 Enterprise DDI offers a single management plane that eliminates the need for network teams to jump between different consoles when managing diverse and complex infrastructure. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Legacy DDI appliances are not application-centric, creating challenges
for teams delivering dynamic and distributed applications across complex
multi- or hybrid-cloud environments, edge networks and microservices
platforms. These outdated DDI appliances feature complex UI and
workflows, expensive hardware, and outdated, poorly performing APIs.
Slow, centralized IP management and DNS record propagation cause change
control bottlenecks that can delay deployments by days or even weeks,
impeding DevOps teams and modern continuous integration and delivery
(CI/CD) workflows.

NS1 Enterprise DDI reduces the friction and complexity of application
delivery in rapidly changing, hybrid enterprise environments. It is
built for DevOps,
delivering to those teams the autonomy they need to safely manage
updates. A modern, API-first architecture supports high-scale automation
and unifies
service discovery
across complex infrastructure. And because NS1 is
the only provider offering global managed DNS solutions and self-hosted
DDI, a single management plane eliminates the need for network teams to
jump between different consoles as part of a multi-cloud infrastructure
— delivering a single NS1 management experience across internal and
external infrastructure.

“Enterprises across the board are looking to leverage new technologies,
vendors, and topologies in search of better performance, reliability,
and time to market. But the velocity gains are often offset by the
overhead that comes with managing a diverse and complex mix of
infrastructure that spans everything from mainframes to microservices
across multiple clouds,” said Jonathan Sullivan, co-founder and CTO of
NS1. “NS1 Enterprise DDI was designed to provide a modern, unified
management plane across these disparate environments in order to
simplify and automate increasingly complex development processes. It
removes the friction and burden of having to both manage and build your
apps against a legacy DDI platform, and instead turns DDI into a weapon
in your DevOps arsenal that provides innovative new functionality that
will impact the scale and velocity of your application-driven business.”

NS1 Enterprise DDI is built on the same software platform that powers NS1
Managed DNS
, which is used by the most demanding customers and
applications on the internet today. It includes:

  • Integrated DHCP and IPAM to gain workflow efficiency and
    visibility across complex, hybrid infrastructure
  • World’s
    most advanced traffic steering technology
    that automatically
    routes traffic across your WAN or LANs in order to boost performance
    and reduce infrastructure costs
  • Fast
    API performance
    that scales for high rates of API calls even
    in the most demanding automation-driven environments
  • Next-generation
    , with real-time DNS change propagation that delivers
    service discovery in seconds
  • Wide
    set of integrations
    , including with Terraform, Ansible,
    Kubernetes, and TSDBs
    , for out-of-the-box integration with your
    tools and vendors.

“There’s tremendous pressure to deliver business applications quickly
and embrace new internet-like cloud platforms, yet network operations
teams still need to maintain an integrated legacy infrastructure,” said
Eric Hanselman, chief analyst of 451 Research. “A new generation of
software-based orchestration capabilities from providers like NS1 is
accelerating digital modernization by unifying the application
management stack to deliver all the benefits of internet innovation,
simplicity, and automation across even the most diverse enterprise
infrastructure environments.”

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NS1 is the leader in next-generation DNS and traffic management
solutions that orchestrate the delivery of the world’s most critical
internet and enterprise applications. Only NS1’s purpose-built platform,
which is built on a modern API-first architecture, transforms DNS into
an intelligent, efficient and automated system, driving dramatic gains
in reliability, resiliency, security and performance of application
delivery infrastructure. Many of the highest-trafficked sites and
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