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NTS Multi-Million-Dollar Investment Significantly Bolsters Dynamics Testing Capabilities at Its Robust Santa Clarita Lab

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NTS, the leader in testing, inspection, and certification solutions in North America, is pleased to announce that its laboratory in Santa Clarita, California, has expanded its dynamics testing capabilities with a multi-million-dollar investment. The NTS lab secured two new T4000 shakers and completed a series of facility upgrades to increase the lab’s overall capacity and capabilities. These new investments are critical for helping customers in the new Race to Space and meeting their scheduling requirements.

As demand for large force dual shaker system testing is increasing, the NTS Santa Clarita lab added a new T4000 dual shaker system to its more than a dozen electrodynamic and hydraulic shaker systems, increasing its max force capability 33 percent to 80,000 force pounds. Custom-made vibration testing fixtures and slip plates allow for testing of almost any shape and sized article. Digital control systems and multiple channel instrumentation simulate random, sinusoidal, SOR (sine-on-random), and other vibration environments.

A dual shaker system can achieve equal or greater force and frequency range than a single large shaker and often mitigates the need to band split, resulting higher quality test results and profile characterization. Advancements in multi-shaker control technology have made multi-shaker, single axis testing more practical, eliminating the concerns with asymmetrical dynamic responses and phase shifts which are common with large vibration fixtures/test items.

NTS dual shaker systems have been used to qualify components for nearly every space launch platform including the Space Shuttle, Atlas, Delta IV, and Space Launch System (SLS). This rich history highlights the undisputed industry leadership of NTS in performing vibration testing on very large assemblies utilizing high output, dual shaker test systems. As a winner of the 2019 NASA Space Award—and with a multi-decade history in extreme environmental and dynamics testing, NTS is the world’s most trusted test lab for space testing.

The dual shaker T4000 system enables NTS to create the high-performing and demand vibration associated with rocket launches, space, and military environments. With three independent dual shaker systems in one facility including one located within a Class 100k clean room, NTS Santa Clarita is the one-stop shop for large payloads, regardless of the hazard or unique testing criteria. Rounding out its extreme testing capabilities, NTS Santa Clarita boasts equipment to test pressure systems up to 10,000 PSIG (Pressure Per Square Inc Gauge), large lithium batteries, and 1.1 explosive payloads.

NTS Santa Clarita Lab is an immense test facility with advanced dynamics, environmental, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and dynamics testing capabilities to meet the most extreme testing challenges for military, aviation, and space projects and programs. “This significant investment demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers to ensure the best test experience possible,” said Francisco Palop, Director of Operations, at NTS, Santa Clarita.

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