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Nucleus Research Q2 2021 Equity Snapshot: Zoom

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Nucleus Research, an independent research firm providing ROI-focused technology research services to both vendors and consumers, has published its Q2 2021 Equity Snapshot for Zoom.

As employees transition back into the office working full-time or hybrid, Zoom’s cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, text chat and webinars are not leaving the workplace.

The Equity Snapshot highlights what is positioning Zoom’s success and threats from their competitors of Google and Microsoft alike. The company known for supporting unique gatherings like digital events, town halls, roadshows, trainings, etc., has been their advantage in the market by helping businesses support their internal and external communications.

“Zoom’s will have to work hard to keep small business users who have a few business licenses,” said Nucleus Analyst, Trevor White. “While the threat of cheaper alternatives who offer competitive pricing hang over Zoom, their strong performance this year and recognition in the market retains their customer loyalty for new market conditions to come.”

While Trevor recognizes a need from customers to return to pre-pandemic communications such as phone calls and in-person collaborations, Zoom faces the threat of fatigue from users, greater price sensitivity and usage decrease. As a result, Zoom changing its infrastructure, such as new phone services for the next few months to come.

The vendors current pricing pressure means that we anticipate a response to the new market conditions imposed as the organization plans to accommodate their enterprise customer.

To download the full Q2 2021 Equity Snapshot for Zoom, click here.

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