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Nullafi’s Zero Trust, One-of-a-Kind Connected System for Data Security Now Available in the Appian AppMarket

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Nullafi, the cybersecurity standard in data-layer data security, today announced that the Nullafi Vault is now available in the Appian AppMarket as Nullafi’s Connected System. Nullafi’s Connected System is purpose-built for Appian customers to protect any kind of sensitive or regulated data, at rest or in transit. With its patented API and SDK-based platform, Nullafi’s Connected System strips your critical data of identifying characteristics, rendering it useless to adversaries, while it remains usable to authorized parties inside and outside of your organization. The Appian AppMarket provides a single-source location to find low-code automation tools that can fundamentally improve business operations. Many of the world’s largest organizations use Appian to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management and compliance.

Nullafi Vault is a modern approach to data security solution that:

  • Automates data hygiene through “data cycling”
  • Provides early data breach and threat detection
  • Accelerates and simplifies incident response and remediation
  • Increases data portability across country lines and regulatory regimes
  • Protects user privacy
  • Facilitates and streamlines regulatory compliance surrounding data security

“Nullafi’s Connected System allows for businesses across verticals to not only secure their structured data in a way never before possible, but also dramatically reduce the impact from a data loss event. Rather than getting in the way of operations as data security traditionally has, Nullafi’s Connected System in fact facilitates many aspects of data use, maintenance and management across the enterprise,” said Robert Yoskowitz, Nullafi CEO. “Paired with Appian’s no-code and low-code solutions and those of Appian’s other world-class partners, we are able to truly revolutionize the relationship between cybersecurity and business getting done.”

All industries can benefit from Nullafi’s Connected System to protect their critical data, from highly regulated industries like finance and public sector, to supply chain, education, and retail. The solution also helps businesses comply with stringent data security, privacy and compliance standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), among others.

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