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Nuvi Announces Multi-Dimensional Customized Sentiment Engine

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Nuvi, the leading social media management software company, today
announced the launch of its new proprietary sentiment engine. The new
engine will power Nuvi’s full range of listening and brand management
solutions to help organizations drive their conversations across every

The multi-dimensional natural language processing (NLP) sentiment
analysis engine is equipped with powerful machine learning making it
highly customizable. Nuvi’s engine goes beyond basic demographics and
dives into the intention behind each interaction. With six sentiment
scores per post, the Nuvi engine unleashes the hidden power of text and
graphics to understand audience opinions and needs so brands can make
more informed business decisions from unsolicited, authentic feedback.

Key features:

  • Supports over 50 languages accounting for more than 98% of client
  • Image and emoji sentiment translates visuals into actionable data.
  • Gathers data in real-time from over 250 countries.
  • Nuvi’s engine delivers a six-dimensional sentiment score, unlike
    others that only support one-dimensional rankings.

“The ability to bring customizable text and emoji sentiment into Nuvi’s
product suite for enterprise companies will tremendously extend the
ability to optimize every interaction had with their brand,” said
Michael Alonzi, CTO of Nuvi. “With six sentiment scoring
differentiators, including buyer intent, and the functionality to modify
and weight certain attributes, brands can quickly identify what is
important to their audience to make data-backed business decisions like
never before.”

Nuvi’s suite of enterprise solutions enables organizations to own and
manage their brand experience across social media and beyond to
understand, shape, and utilize consumer behavior to drive results and
increase brand loyalty. Nuvi has the only social listening and sentiment
tool that captures conversations in real-time across all of the social
channels, blogs, RSS feeds, and news articles on their patented
bubble-stream system. Nuvi’s media management platform also provides an
end-to-end solution for social media planning, collaboration,
publishing, and analytics. In addition, Nuvi’s health care solutions
provide best-in-class reputation management, digital marketing, and a
HIPAA-compliant reviews platform and patient communication solution to
build a loyal client base online.

Nuvi works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands including
Hertz, Krispy Kreme, Business Wire, Publicis, Bridgestone, and
DentalOne. Nuvi has been recognized by PR News as the Top Campaign
Technology Provider and a multiple winner of Shorty Awards for Best in
Class Social Customer Care, along with being recognized by the Wall
Street Journal, AdAge, and others for their innovative changes to social
media and brand management.

About Nuvi

Nuvi, a Social Mecca company, provides real-time solutions for brands to
lead rather than react in social and across the web. Nuvi empowers
brands to listen in real-time, plan, publish, engage, and analyze in one
powerful and collaborative social marketing and brand management
platform. Nuvi’s patient experience solution helps health care providers
interact online through its automated HIPAA-compliant software. Nuvi
enables organizations the power to own their conversations through
industry-leading enterprise solutions for full lifecycle marketing
across every content touchpoint. For more information, visit