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nVent Becomes First Manufacturer to be Approved Under Newly Expanded Leak Detection Standard

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nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT) (“nVent”), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, today announced it is the first manufacturer to be approved under the expanded FM Approval Standard 7745 for a solution that detects water leaks. It earned the designation for the nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek Water Leak Detection system this month. This marks nVent’s second time as the first manufacturer to achieve FM Approval Standard 7745. It was the first to earn the designation, under previous criteria, for a diesel fuel leak detection solution.

FM Global recently expanded its FM Approval Standard 7745 because it recognized the commercial industry needed a standard for solutions that detect other types of leaks including water. The previous FM Approval Standard 7745, called “Hydrocarbon Leak Detectors,” included only diesel fuel. Water leakage can cause severe damage to commercial buildings, and a water leak detection system can limit losses and reduce a facility’s risk score. The new standard includes several requirements including minimum liquid detection levels, product resistance when exposed to certain elements, reset parameters and detection timeframes.

TraceTek provides fast and accurate detection of leaks in commercial buildings which can prevent leak damage, reduce risk of business disruption and minimize replacement costs. Typical applications where these systems are installed include data centers, museums, historic buildings, control/server rooms, elevator pits, libraries, hotels and aquariums.

“At nVent, we believe safer systems ensure a more secure world,” says Johnny Lam, nVent Product Manager. “We ensure our leak detection systems meet the standards of multiple approval agencies to give our customers the confidence that when they choose nVent, they are using the best leak detection solutions on the market.”

In 2013, nVent, then known as Pentair, became the first manufacturer to earn FM Approval Standard 7745, achieving the designation for its RAYCHEM TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor (TT-FFS). This system offers indoor and outdoor targeted diesel fuel leak detection for tanks, pumps, valves and other fittings associated with emergency generator systems. It also features an alarm which sounds within 30 seconds of leak detection, as required under FM Approval Standard 7745 at the time it earned the designation.

To learn more about FM Approval Standard 7745, visit the FM Global website.

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