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OCP Tech Reaches Milestone in School Connectivity

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Elevating and strengthening the educational process for every student by utilizing Information and Communication Technologies was the main objective of the Argentine Government’s National Plan for School Connectivity. In order to meet this objective, they developed the project EDUC.AR, which aims to connect nine million students in fifty-thousand public schools (including elementary, middle and high schools) in Argentina. In its first three years, the plan has achieved over 60% connectivity.

After a bidding process coordinated by the United Nations Office for Project Services, EDUC.AR entrusted the monumental project to System Net, part of OCP Tech, as an implementing partner with Cisco Meraki – the industry leader in IT cloud administration. By centering the plan in the cloud, and its easy integration with multiple applications, the program was able to assure the quality and security of data for educative and administrative use; monitoring in real-time the state of the network’s infrastructure and its associated equipment in all establishments; optimizing connectivity for the successful implementation of the Learn Connected project, among other endeavors.

Cisco Meraki has distinguished this joint project with OCP Tech as a global case-study because of its success. Every day, a team monitors 18,700 networks configured on the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, controlling 148,700 connected devices in jurisdictions across the country.

“We are tremendously proud of being able to significantly improve the quality of education in Argentina through technology, while at the same reducing operational costs. It’s a successful model which can be replicated around the world,” asserts entrepreneur and founder of OCP Tech Leonardo Scatturice.

With just over three years since its launch, we have achieved connectivity for 62% of students in public schools. In the next 18 months, we expect to fully complete the project.

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