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Odense Investor Summit Introduces Investors to 15 Promising Robot Companies in Europe’s Robot Capital

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In just five years, robotic start-ups based in Odense, Denmark – the robot capital of Europe – have attracted more than 976 million USD. This year, the local Danish entrepreneurs will be joined by companies from the RobotUnion Super Stars; finalists from the pan-European robot acceleration program. The event is being sponsored by Vækstfonden, the Danish State’s investment fund, with the objective of making matches between leading Danish entrepreneurs seeking capital backing, and top international investors on the hunt for the next “golden goose” in the world of robotics.

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The virtual Odense Investor Summit has already attracted 250 participants, including 100 investors from Denmark and abroad. Last year's summit (seen above) featured pitches from numerous European robotics startups. (Photo: Business Wire)

The virtual Odense Investor Summit has already attracted 250 participants, including 100 investors from Denmark and abroad. Last year’s summit (seen above) featured pitches from numerous European robotics startups. (Photo: Business Wire)

On December 9th, a carefully selected field of robot enterprises seeking capital will be presenting their ground-breaking automation solutions for a broad spectrum of industries at this year’s Odense Investor Summit. The 2020 summit is being held as a virtual event to involve participants from all parts of Europe and provide access to a new audience while still observing the prevailing COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition to hot pitches from 15 robot entrepreneurs, the event will feature input from key figures in the global robot industry, including Jürgen von Hollen, President of Universal Robots and Dieter Kraft, Managing Director at Trumpf Venture GmbH. Cuong Nguyen, CEO & Founder of NTPC Consult, will likewise be in attendance to provide investor insight.

Jeppe Kofod, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense, will also be speaking from the podium at this exclusive event that has already attracted 250 participants, including 100 investors from Denmark and abroad. The matchmaking will continue after the event itself, and materials from Odense Investor Summit will be available on demand.

The robot enterprises seeking capital are looking to raise somewhere in the region of 500,000–2.4 million USD per company from investors.

Here is the program for this year’s Odense Investor Summit. Investors can still register for the event via this link.

Moreover, Odense Investor Summit is now backed all year round by a digital platform at where Odense Seed and Venture uses the Dealroom tool to present an overview of start-ups and investors in the field of robotics. The investors represented here comprise 130 venture capital funds, as well as 185 private investors and business angels. Together, they have invested DKK 6 billion in Danish startups over the course of five years.

The city of Odense is the hub for the Odense Robotics cluster, which encompasses more than 130 enterprises active in the fields of robots, automation and industry 4.0. The fruitful ecosystem for robots in Denmark has given rise to international successes such as Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots and Blue Ocean Robotics, which all have their head offices in Odense. The Odense Investor Summit event is a shortcut to gaining insight into this ecosystem, and an opportunity to meet the robot stars of tomorrow.


Here is a list of the technologies and enterprises investors will be introduced to at Odense Investor Summit this year:

  • Odense-based Lifeline Robotics addresses issues including the need for safe and efficient testing for COVID-19 by automating the swabbing of patients with a cobot.
  • Particle 3D, which also calls Odense home, has developed technology for the 3D printing of bones and other body parts. The company was recently crowned HealthTech Startup 2020 at the Nordic Startup Awards.
  • Based in Munich, the German robot company Kewazo has developed a robot elevator for just-in-time transportation of materials and consumables on construction sites, as well as in industry and agriculture.
  • Robot At Work meets the ergonomic challenges of the construction industry by providing a platform that uses robot technology to ease the strain on a number of professional groups including bricklayers.
  • Rebartek from Norway has developed a prefab solution that automates the preparation of reinforcement structures so that 90% of the work to cut, bend and assemble the bars is performed by machines and robots – rather than manually on the construction site.
  • Cliin likewise provides a profitable approach to enhancing both work environment and productivity in the shipping industry where an innovative robot can operate independently to clean holds in cargo vessels.
  • Also at sea, the Spanish company Nido Robotics is working actively underwater with submarine drones designed to carry out inspection, maintenance and research assignments.
  • Switzerland is represented by Rigi Technologies SA, which will be presenting its solution to investors at the Investor Summit. The company has developed transport drones as an agile alternative to conventional road transport.
  • Picking tomatoes is a repetitive and physically demanding task. That is why the Israeli company Automato Robotics is working hard on a project to automate this task in greenhouses.
  • Proxima Centauris has patented machines developed to automate the sorting of natural casings for the production of sausages. The casings are transported to China today, where the necessary process to sort them according to size is typically carried out.
  • The Swedish company Tendo for People has developed a robot glove designed to assist people with hand disabilities to become more independent and thus enjoy an improved life quality.
  • The Polish company Aether Biomedical also focuses on the area of physical disability, producing intelligent robot prosthetics that open up a whole world of opportunities for people who have lost an arm.
  • Trendlog, which has positioned itself in the very heart of the Danish robot cluster – i.e. in Odense – is experiencing rapid growth in demand for optimizing production by generating deep insight into the utilization of equipment and machinery.
  • The company QuadSat has developed a technology that can reduce the static from the numerous satellites orbiting the Earth to enhance the performance of the navigation systems in aircraft, ships and road vehicles that are dependent on fast and accurate satellite communication. QuadSat’s technology also makes it possible to use drones to test and calibrate satellite communication antennae autonomously, thus ensuring a constant high-speed internet flow.
  • The town of Kgs. Lyngby, close to the Danish capital, is where ATLANT 3D has developed the first printer in the world that can print at atomic level, enabling customers to have advanced materials produced on demand, as well as prototypes of 450 different materials.

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