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Omnitracs Sylectus Achieves Record Number of Loads Posted and Loads Executed During Pandemic

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Omnitracs, a leader in SaaS-based fleet management and data analytics solutions and a pioneer in transportation technology, today announced that Omnitracs Sylectus has achieved two new milestones in the platform’s 19-year history – a record high number of trips completed through the platform in a single day, as well as a record number of loads posted to its load board. In addition, Omnitracs Sylectus recorded a 44% year-over-year load growth rate – one of the highest in its history.

Omnitracs Sylectus provides industry-leading SaaS transportation management software (TMS) for small to medium-sized fleets, enabling compliance, order entry, dispatch, trip management, and telematics. As a member of the Omnitracs family of products, it easily integrates with fleets’ existing investments in compliance software and hardware to provide a single management platform. The Omnitracs Sylectus Alliance provides customers the ability to connect with other Alliance carriers to find available loads and trucks and seamlessly track them between Alliance members.

Historically a channel for the expedite market, Sylectus saw its customers diversifying their businesses during the pandemic. As many automotive plants were shut down during the height of COVID-19, carriers began to contribute new types of freight, like medical supplies, to the network. During this period, many companies also made investments in their growing operations by moving to the Omnitracs Sylectus TMS, which seamlessly integrates with Omnitracs compliance applications, to fulfill orders and optimize loads during an unpredictable period.

“In the midst of a challenging time for businesses around the globe, we’re excited to see that Omnitracs Sylectus provided so many customers with the tools to operate remotely, efficiently, and most importantly, safely, despite driver and staff shortages,” commented Kimberly Drouillard, managing director, Omnitracs Sylectus. “This growth is directly attributed to companies diversifying their businesses and, as locations open up around the country, taking the opportunity to make up for slow months during the past year. As more fleets turn to Sylectus, we’re delighted to be able to help them grow and prosper.”

“Sylectus is a strong, value-added partner,” commented Brad Howell, president of ITDS, an Omnitracs Sylectus Alliance Pro customer. “Because we provide dedicated service to our customers, 100% of our 135 tractors run every day. Not only has Sylectus allowed us to grow without adding additional personnel, it has also let our dispatch track our drivers and make sure they have available hours to deliver their loads. In addition, the Sylectus support staff is phenomenal.”

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