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One In Tech Joins Cyber Leaders to Call for Philanthropic Commitment to Cybersecurity

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In an open letter to private philanthropy, One In Tech, an ISACA foundation, joined over 30 professionals from cybersecurity organizations and philanthropic foundations to support and stress the need for more philanthropic giving in cybersecurity.

The latest data from the Peace and Security Funding Index shows that cyber grants made up less than one percent of the $3.7 billion that foundations have devoted to peace and security issues since 2012 (less than .007% of total foundation giving). However, cyber threats have topped the U.S. intelligence community’s annual assessment of global threats for seven years running, and $4.2 billion in cyber-related financial losses was reported to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in 2020.

The need for private philanthropy in cybersecurity is growing. Governments and private corporations spend billions of dollars every year on cybersecurity, but they only have the capacity to focus on immediate threats and toughening their own networks. Private philanthropy can take a longer view, focusing resources on thinking through the underlying laws, norms, and policies that should govern cybersecurity between people, within individual countries, and among nations.

Note from One In Tech Leadership

“In an era where cybersecurity is critical to every person, business, and government, the need for building a strong cyber workforce is equally as critical,” states Ginger Spitzer, Executive Director of the One In Tech Foundation. “One In Tech and liked-minded nonprofits are poised, with adequate funding, to make significant impacts in youth and adult education, safety and security training, career development, and other services designed to diversify and develop cyber workforce pipelines.”

The letter and a list of the committed signers can be seen at and Join the calls for support for increased philanthropic giving in cybersecurity by using the hashtags #CyberPhilanthropy and #ExpandCyberFunding.

About One In Tech

One In Tech (, an ISACA foundation, launched in 2020 to address inequity in IT through responsive, relevant programs for adults and youth that are designed to support under-resourced, under-represented populations. One In Tech works to build a healthy digital world that is safe, secure and equal. Its leading priorities include preparing the next generation to be healthy digital citizens, building avenues to achieve a workforce free of gender bias, and creating pathways for a racially and culturally diverse workforce.


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