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One Rockwell (1R) and Act Second Form Strategic Alliance to Create Powerhouse Set of E-Commerce, Brand and Marketing Service Offerings

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One Rockwell (1R), a leading ecommerce agency experienced in creative design and technical solutions for lifestyle brands, today announced its alliance with Act Second, a strategic brand and marketing consultancy. Following its 10th year in business, 1R found it vital to include all top-of-the-line offerings for clientele and brands looking to boost their e-commerce strategies. The partnership between 1R and Act Second allows for a symbiotic relationship that compliments best-in-class ecommerce functionality with brand strategy and marketing growth ensuring that the digital presence of its clients support existing business goals.

As the push towards digital continues to prevail amongst all retailers, this strategic alliance could not have come at a better time. 1R partnered with Act Second to create new service offerings that are aimed at driving ROI and conversion rates, thus driving its clients business and revenue growth. 1R’s new in-house marketing solutions not only meet the needs of its existing Managed Services Clients, but for new design & build projects as well. 1R’s existing client base will reap the benefits of Act Second’s suite of services as an add-on to 1R’s existing business strategy, technology, and creative solutions.

“All eyes are on e-commerce agencies as the shift to digital only continues to increase. We wanted to be able to offer our clients everything they need in one fell swoop which we are able to achieve with this partnership,” said Shelly Socol, Founder and EVP of 1R. “We’re thrilled to partner with Act Second as it allows 1R to become a one-stop shop for clientele who are not only in need of creative solutions but digital marketing solutions as well. With this partnership, we are able to help create a significant digital presence that falls in line with our clients business outcomes.”

The partnership follows significant momentum for 1R amid the pandemic, including launching five websites for its clients, Trish McEvoy, Vera Bradley, Crush Wine & Spirits, and ZO Skin Health US and Canada. On top of launching numerous websites in a five month period, 1R has continued supporting its existing clients’ growth including Miansai, Tula, Farm Rio, and LeSportsac showcasing a shift in multiple industries and a refocus of marketing spend on digital.

“Now more than ever, it’s imperative to have a robust digital presence and strategy that ladders up to your overall business objectives,” said Anthony Saniger, Founder and CEO of Act Second. “Every decision counts, and we look forward to partnering with 1R to ensure that we can provide clients with the fully integrated brand and marketing solutions necessary to not only amplify their business goals, but surpass them.”

This partnership allows both 1R and Act Second to multiply their efforts with pre-existing clients and future clients in the pipeline. Following a year of growth for 1R, they plan to utilize this partnership to further their companies growth and goals for the 2021 year.

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About One Rockwell (1R):

One Rockwell (1R) is a full-service Shopify Plus agency driving digital transformation. For over ten years, 1R has brought creatives, strategists, managers, and innovators together to create exceptional digital experiences. Through collaboration and boundless drive, 1R connects good people with big minds: agency, partners, and clients working as one. 1R approaches every challenge and hurdle with excitement – from business analysis and strategy to UX and creative design to technical execution and integrations. Powered by a decade of experience and a sharp understanding of what makes digital brands thrive, 1R has designed and implemented over 60 digital stores within the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home, food & beverage, and luxury verticals.

About Act Second:

Act Second is a strategic brand and digital consultancy with the core belief that there is a harmonious balance to be struck between sound strategy and thoughtful creative. After years of building separate creative and digital experiences, Anthony Saniger, Founder/CEO became driven by the desire to connect brands with their consumers through authentic storytelling and thoughtful ROI-driven strategy. Specializing in brand building and strategy, email marketing, social media strategy and management, content creation and performance marketing — every consumer touchpoint is considered. Through each of these services, Act Second ensures that every client’s digital presence supports their business goals and that the quality of user experience reflects true brand identity.