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Open RF Association and MIPI Alliance Sign Cooperation Framework (Liaison) Agreement

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The Open RF Association (OpenRF™) and the MIPI Alliance today announced their execution of a Cooperation Framework (Liaison) Agreement which allows the two organizations to engage in joint collaborative projects relating to radio frequency (RF) front-end architecture, design, and technology.

MIPI Alliance is an international organization serving industries that develop mobile and mobile-influenced devices. The focus of the organization is to design and promote hardware and software interfaces that simplify the integration of components built into a device, from the antenna and modem to peripherals and the application processor. OpenRF is an industry consortium dedicated to expanding the functional interoperability of hardware and software across multi-mode radio frequency front end and chipset platforms into the 5G era, responding to customer demand for open architectures.

“The MIPI RFFESM specification has become the de facto interface for control of the radio frequency front end since its release in 2010, and this specification will serve as a key component of our OpenRF Register Map templates,” said Kevin Schoenrock, President, Open RF Association. “We look forward to working with the MIPI Alliance to help optimize the RF front end and to support the growing 5G device ecosystem.”

OpenRF Register Map Working Group is creating a register map framework to maximize configurability and effectiveness of the RF front end. The agreement outlines the framework for OpenRF and the MIPI Alliance to engage in disclosure and feedback interactions of the MIPI RFFE specification and the OpenRF Register Map Templates.

“This liaison agreement between MIPI Alliance and OpenRF facilitates collaboration that will benefit the entire industry,” said Peter Lefkin, managing director of MIPI Alliance. “We’re looking forward to working with OpenRF to extend and enhance the ecosystem that has developed around MIPI RFFE, especially to support the growing implementation of 5G applications around the world.”

OpenRF is open to smartphone chipset, RFFE, and OEM vendors and related industry companies. For more information, visit and follow on LinkedIn. To discover more about MIPI Alliance, subscribe to its blog and connect with its social networks by following MIPI on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About OpenRF

The Open RF Association (OpenRF) is an industry consortium dedicated to creating a 5G ecosystem of functionally interoperable hardware and software across member multi-mode RFFE (RF Front End) and chipset platforms. OpenRF is led by industry leaders Broadcom, Intel, MediaTek, Murata Manufacturing, Qorvo, and Samsung. For more information, visit

About MIPI Alliance

MIPI Alliance (MIPI) develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries. There is at least one MIPI specification in every smartphone manufactured today. Founded in 2003, the organization has over 325 member companies worldwide and 14 active working groups delivering specifications within the mobile ecosystem. Members of the organization include handset manufacturers, device OEMs, software providers, semiconductor companies, application processor developers, IP tool providers, automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and test and test equipment companies, as well as camera, tablet and laptop manufacturers. For more information, please visit

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