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OpenNebula Brings Private Edge Cloud Orchestration to Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge

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OpenNebula announced today that it’s bringing cloud and edge
infrastructure orchestration to Vapor
™ platform, the world’s fastest-growing colocation and
interconnection system at the edge of the wireless network. OpenNebula
is an open-source enterprise platform for virtual data center and cloud
management, providing organizations with a simple, yet robust, solution
for creating and managing their private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“The need for cloud-like capabilities is moving quickly to the edge,
and OpenNebula is in perfect alignment, as it extends its native cloud
management capabilities to easily incorporate edge resources, allowing
companies to develop and extend their private clouds deployments on the
says OpenNebula VP of Engineering, Constantino Vazquez.

OpenNebula’s contribution to the Kinetic Edge will center on bringing a
simple and flexible framework for deploying and managing an edge cloud,
where cloud resources can be orchestrated. OpenNebula’s support for
multiple hypervisor technologies, including lightweight LXD containers,
along with its native integration with bare metal resource providers,
fits perfectly within the puzzle of making optimal use of edge resources
for private cloud infrastructures.

“OpenNebula offers a powerful open source platform for bringing the
power of private cloud to the Kinetic Edge,”
said Matt Trifiro, CMO
of Vapor IO. “Edge environments are particularly challenging for
cloud orchestration, as they often span dozens or even hundreds of
locations. OpenNebula is one of the few companies with a proven solution
for building distributed clouds from core to edge.”

OpenNebula has also joined Vapor IO’s Kinetic
Edge Alliance
(KEA) as a technology partner. The KEA is an industry
alliance of leading software, hardware, networking and integration
companies committed to driving the broad adoption of compute, storage,
access and interconnection at the edge of the cellular network,
simplifying edge computing for the masses. The KEA is helping to put all
of the pieces together to formulate dynamic solutions to bring compute
resources closer to the users and to reduce latency, without magnifying
the complexity or the cost.

To demonstrate its edge cloud capabilities, OpenNebula recently
demonstrated a high-performance distributed cloud for simultaneously
launching a video game across 17 global locations. OpenNebula built a
gaming edge cloud using bare metal resources provided by Packet
(another active member of the KEA). The resulting distributed cloud
spanned 17 data centers around the world and provided a low cost
platform for simultaneously releasing a video game worldwide. The
environment was deployed and configured in less than 25 minutes, and
cost less than $12 per hour.

OpenNebula is a turnkey enterprise-ready solution including all
the features needed to provide an on-premise, hosted, hybrid, edge or
federated private cloud offering, and to offer public cloud services.
OpenNebula Systems develops OpenNebula, supports its community, and
provides support subscriptions, consulting, and training.

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