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OpenSesame Announces Expanded Partnership with UL to Broaden Workplace Health, Safety, and Compliance Course Offerings

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OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of UL
to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to expand its global
offering of curated safety and compliance training critical to
enterprise organizations. Today’s highly technical and often hazardous
work environments, combined with swiftly changing technology and
increasingly stringent regulations, demand businesses provide thorough,
industry-specific training to keep their employees safe and minimize

The OpenSesame Plus subscription, with over 6,000 curated courses—now
including UL course content—is the go-to solution for Global 2000
companies to help streamline processes, develop and retain top talent,
and future-proof their organization.

Founded in 1894, UL offers over 125 years of deep expertise in health
and safety, compliance, sustainability, and workplace excellence, and
more than 1,300 industry-specific courses offered in up to 19 languages.

“In today’s increasingly complex work environments and ever-changing
compliance requirements, organizations need to minimize risk and prevent
injuries on the job,” said Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation
at OpenSesame. “Adding UL course content to the OpenSesame Plus
subscription enables businesses to provide industry-specific health,
safety, and compliance training quickly and easily to their global

“Empowering trust in the safety, security, and sustainability of
products, organizations, and supply chains is at the core of UL’s
mission,” remarked Scott Barnard, Managing Director of UL PURE Learning.
“We’re excited to expand our strategic partnership with OpenSesame to
expand access of on-demand compliance and safety elearning courses for
global enterprises.”

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About UL

UL PURE Learning empowers organizations to protect the well-being of
workers, reduce risk, improve productivity, enhance compliance, and
drive measurable business improvement through its EHS, learning, and
compliance platforms. We are a division of UL, the premier global
independent safety science company that has championed progress for 120
years. To learn more, visit